Talking Junk

Talking Junk is all about the wacky stuff we come across on the job site, along with some cool things we can let you in on. So don't be the last of your friends to know the latest buzz in the Junk World.

Carpet Demo & Removal in Marietta

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Carpet Removal In Marietta Carpet removal can be a taxing task, especially when you are the only one doing it. Ripping up the carpet, padding and tacks can hours and even days depending on the square footage. That's where The Stand Up Guys Junk Removal Crew come in. We do the ripping up and the hauling, so no more ripping up carpet and having it sit for 2 months in your garage. We make it … [Read more...]

Spring Cleaning in Atlanta

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Spring Cleaning In Atlanta It's that time of the year again Atlanta, where people everywhere are getting ready to tidy up their homes and get rid of all their unwanted junk. Whether its cleaning out the garage to make space for your car or finally de-cluttering that basement with over 20 years of junk, we cover it all! We know that a lot of the stuff you will clean out is still in decent … [Read more...]

2013′s Hottest Junk Items

junk dog house

Another Great Year Of Junk'n After a crazy 2013, we here at Stand Up Guys like to give the people some knowledge about stuff they are getting rid of. We determine what the 'hottest' junk items were this past year and people get to find out that maybe they don't have to keep that old nasty sofa in the basement. You may have one or even a few items on this list that are cluttering up your … [Read more...]

Why Use Junk Removal?

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Why Use A Junk Removal Company The junk removal industry has been growing at a fast rate over the last decade, and for good reason. People are wanting to clear out their homes and get rid of unwanted junk. Before junk removal, there was no solution for unwanted junk unless it was something you could donate yourself or recycle yourself. That just created cluttered basements, sheds, attics, etc … [Read more...]

Dumpster Rental & Junk Removal In Atlanta

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The Call In It was a cloudy Tuesday October morning when Bill, a North Carolina resident, placed a call into the Stand Up Guys Junk Removal office in dire need of an honest, reliable and friendly junk removal company to come out to his deceased parents home in the Morningside community in Atlanta. Bill stressed that he and his sister had to clear out all of the junk in the house, which … [Read more...]