There is only one company that will remove your mattress for a wonderful price, do all the lifting and loading, and find a good home for it. Whether that be donating, or recycling, and that is Stand Up Guys Junk Removal.Have you ever noticed that junk you see sitting on the side of the road, leaning up against a dumpster, or stashed behind your local shopping center, usually contains a mattress? That’s because it can be a serious pain in the you know what, to try and get rid of them in the correct fashion.

I have good news for you though, because Stand Up Guys Junk Removal knows the secret to mattress disposal… and no, we don’t just stash them behind a dumpster at the mall, like some other junk removal companies. If we are not able to clean them up enough to donate, then we take the proper procedures to dispose of your mattress. This way, if you need to get rid of an old mattress, or entire bed set for that matter, you can just call The Stand Up Guys, and all you worries will melt away.

We will make you comfortable as well, knowing where your mattress will wind up, because we do things the right way, or as we say, “The Stand Up Way.”

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