Stand Up Guys Junk Removal can take care of all your railroad tie removal needs. From the lifting and loading, to disposing, we do it all so that you don’t have too. Especially if you did all the hard work of removing them from their original place! We don’t want you to have to move the heavy railroad ties again.

Railroad Tie Removal

Rail Road Ties

Rail Road Tie Are….

  • Heavy
  • Bulky
  • Eye sores
  • Hard To dispose of
  • Just an all around nuisance….

Railroad ties are a common item that people call us about because they are such a hassle to move around and/or get rid of yourself. They always take at least two guys to pick up (sometimes three) and you need an extra big truck to put them in. They are far to big to fit in the back of your average pick up truck.

All around, railroad ties are just a pain to have to deal with yourself. Of course, though, The Stand Up Guys Junk Removal Crew will manage all your railroad tie removal with ease. Here, we try to give you the best deal we can. We cut the cost for labor way down, and we get rid of railroad ties in bulk to keep the dump fees down.

Most of the time, after renting a big truck, picking up all the railroad ties, hiring labor, and paying for the dump, you would wind up spending more money and time doing it yourself. So save yourself the annoyance and just call The Stand Up Guys; we’ll handle the rest.

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