People always make mistakes on Valentines Day. But hey, we’re not perfect, it happens to everyone. Make sure you stay on top of your game this coming V-Day, and take some advice. We have come up with 10 V-Day no-no’s to help you do just that. Stick to this and you should be in the clear. Good Luck!

10. No Fake Flowers fake

C’mon guys…show some enthusiasm. If you think she won’t notice, you’re dead wrong! Not only do they look completely different, but they don’t even have a scent. Make an effort to show you actually remembered and care. Fake flowers don’t show your care, the real ones do.

9. Don’t Forget 360_wmemory_0519

No…Brainer. Should be number 1, but were not cliche. Any reminders you can set for yourself are welcomed, especially if you are a forgetful person (Me). Forgetting this day in particular can lead to an uproar with your special lady. DO NOT make the mistake of forgetting this day.

8. Never Make Y’alls First Date On V-Day Bad+date

Cliche. Women can tell a lot by this. If you do not live up to a special date on Valentine’s Day, they will move right along to someone who can. After all, if you can’t perform on V-Day…when can you? Also, if it does turn out to be a perfect night, they will have that banner held high in their minds and always expect something magnificent.

7. No Excuses To Skip no-excuses

This is also a no brainer, but I will list it anyways because it needs to be said. Especially if you and your valentine have something planned. If your boss is trying to make you stay late, think about her and figure out how to make it. What do you think she would do in your situation.

Find every reason to make this day special and no excuses to miss it. Trust me, it’ll pay huge dividends in the future. Don’t look at it as one day a year you are trying to make her feel special, you should already be doing that.

6. Don’t Be Late RunningLateInterview_crop380w

Once you have your evening planned, make sure you’re not late to your own shindig. If you want the evening to be perfect, be there 20 minutes early. Most guys need to so they can set up whatever they had planned.

This is not the end of the world if you are late, but don’t keep her waiting long, the evening could turn ugly fast! Set reminders on your phone, leave sticky notes around your bathroom or set an alarm. Either one will do just fine.

5. Don’t Wait Last Minute Procrastinate-Med

Waiting last minute to buy a gift is a big no-no. This means you haven’t planned and you probably don’t know what she wants. Procrastination is an all around bad thing. Nothing good comes from it.

Scrambling to find a gift can force you to possibly buy something stupid and make you late to your date. Be prepared! Take care of your Valentine responsibilities before hand. Not the morning of.

4. Only Put Jewelry In Jewelry Boxes empty_ring_box

This can be very deceiving, so don’t ever give your special girl a gift wrapped in a jewelry box that isn’t actually jewelry.

If she’s thinking she’s getting jewelry and doesn’t, it could turn out very badly for you. Bad idea all around. Always make sure to wrap or box your gifts accordingly.

3. Don’t Go To A Sports Bar 14bc14d7b317b14a8c771f9be24fc450

I guess there is an exception to #9 only because the woman could pick the “restaurant” and a sports bar could be her selection, but I highly doubt it. For the most part, women don’t want to go somewhere where you are glued to the T.V. and drinking beer…and watching sports. This is NOT romantic & don’t forget romance is what she wants.

Don’t be selfish, pick a place you think she would like, not just what you would like, and make it a surprise…and don’t worry if she doesn’t like it. If its well known and expensive, it’ll be perfect!

2. Don’t Give Gifts For Yourself unhappy-woman-on-valentine-s-day

Do. Not. Give. A. Gift. For. Yourself. The title should explain itself, but I’ll go into a little bit of detail anyway. If you buy your Valentine a gift that is actually more for your liking it will be extremely obvious in most cases. Especially if you seem to want it more than here. Plus if it you get tickets to game as the gift, that’s a red flag. You want to give a gift that means something to your significant other. Make them feel special.

1. No Weight Loss Items

Everyone’s number one. Don’t give her weight loss items or pills, even if she has hinted that she wants one, don’t do it. I can’t express that enough, just don’t do it. Even if you didn’t mean too, it still sends a bad message. PLEASE DO NOT DO THIS. It speaks for itself and there is really no explaining to do, for that reason, it is our number 1.


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