garage full of junk


Today was one of those days that really make us enjoy what we do. It seemed at first, just like a normal garage full of junk at our 2nd job of the day in Atlanta, but it turned out to be much more than that.

Come to find out, the customer that had contacted us, Susan, had just moved back to Atlanta from Colorado. Susan lived out west for about the last 12 years, and was renting the house out to some old friends the whole time. Well when they found out Susan was coming back home, they split, and in their wake they left behind years worth of junk in the garage. Instead of taking care of it themselves, the tenants, and friends, just left all that junk for Susan to take care of.

garage cleaned of junk

Junk Gone!

So obviously Susan was pretty upset about the whole thing, but she was able to find our number, and of course we were willing to help. She originally contacted about three different Junk Removal companies in the Atlanta area, but all their prices were just outragous, most of them just trying to take advantage of a sweet old lady like Susan, but of course we would never do such a thing.When we gotthere, she described the entire story to us in full. After hearing everything, we decided we were going to take every measure possible to insure that she got the best deal she could.

First we sorted through everything there, we got out all the items that could be donated, recycled, or even sold. Second, we broke down everything that was junk into the smallest they could be. That way it would fit easier into the truck.

We took all we could to the recycling center, then to the donation center first. Then came back and packed the truck so tight, that we actually able to fit all the leftover junk into one truck load. So what set out originally to seem as 3 to 4 truck loads, like Susan was quoted from a few other junk removal companies in Atlanta, the Stand Up Guys turned into 1.

The reason today was such a good day was the fact that it is so nice to be able to help someone like Susan. She was just the nicest person, and it wasn’t easy to see someone get burned the way she had been, and by her good friends to boot. Now Susan can live junk free, and enjoy the wonderful city of Atlanta without worrying about here garage being full of junk.

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