Last year was somewhat of a disappointment for all of us Atlanta Hawks fans, mainly because for the first time in quite a long time we had high expectations. Most of the time high expectations in sports just leads to failure, because it only leaves one out, winning it all. I think ole Rex Ryan could take a page out of that book by the way, all he is doing to all those poor Jets fans for heart break, but thats a different story. If you look at it from the stand point of where the hawks were just a few years ago, last year was a blessing, hell we finally are back in the playoffs, and if your in the playoffs there is always a shot.

This offseason the Hawks didn’t make a whole lot of big moves, other then signing Joe Johnson to probably the worst contract in sports history, but the roster is strong. We still have so much young talent thats another year older, and another year smarter. Al Horford is a strong player that seems to have reach what might be his full potential at a young age, he is still great though. Josh Smith is coming off his best year as a pro, the ceiling on him is so high that none of us really know what he is capable of. Jamal Crawford has got a whole year under his belt now on his first real winning team. We still got the old man running the point, and overpaid or not Joe Johnson is an elite player. So don’t get carried away and set the bar so high that they cant reach it, but mark my words, don’t be surprised if our Atlanta Hawks really rock our Phillips this year and shock the world. Every year there is a surprise team that sneaks up on everybody and there is no reason that cant be the Hawks.

The whole world has got there eye fixated on the all mighty Miami Heat, but injuries happen every year, also you never know about chemistry and how that will play out. I don’t mind all the attention on the Heat though because it will make it that much easier for our Atlanta Hawks to sneak up behind them and overtake the East. Go Hawks!!

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