It’s fall again—time to think about raking leaves, cleaning up, and battening down the hatches for the inevitable arrival of colder, harsher weather.  Since you’ll be working outside to accomplish many of these tasks, it’s also a great time to prepare your backyard for the colder weather.  Take heed to these five suggestions to get organized:

1. Inspect and prepare your garden

Before you proceed to rake over everything, take a good look at your garden.  Take note of how well your vegetables, plants, and flowers did over the summer months.  This is important because it will allow you to make any needed adjustments for the next planting season.  Once you’ve inspected everything, remove weeds and dead foliage.  Break up the dirt after the dead foliage is removed—doing so will let in extra oxygen for a better garden next summer.

2. Composting

After you remove the dead foliage from your garden and rake the leaves from your lawn, get a basic compost bin for the foliage and leaves.  (You can also make one yourself using old, unused particle board—it will work just fine.)

3. Don’t forget your gutters!

To ensure proper drainage and prevent water from leaking into your home, make sure your gutters are free of leaves, twigs, and other debris, which can clog and prevent your gutters from properly moving water away from your house.  Once you have removed any larger twigs, take a hose and remove the remaining debris.  

4. Organize your patio

Clean your outdoor furniture and dry it thoroughly before storing in your garage or basement.  You can consider pressure-washing it, or use a simple solution of dish soap and water and wipe down everything with a sponge or soft rag.  It is important to make sure that all of your furniture is dried thoroughly before covering to avoid mildew.

5. Think about extra storage

Consider investing in a small storage shed for your backyard to avoid extra clutter in your garage or basement—it would be the perfect place to store your lawn mower, garden tools, and even your patio furniture.  There are many styles and sizes to choose from—everything from hardened, weather-resistant plastic to aluminum.  Some are easy to assemble at home, while others may require assistance from a professional.  (If you purchase one from a home-improvement store, ask them about assembly assistance if you need it.  Many stores offer assembly for a nominal fee.)

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While you’re organizing and preparing your yard for the change of seasons, remember that it’s also the perfect time for fall junk removal.  Call the Stand Up Guys for stress-free junk removal, dumpster rental, or residential and commercial junk removal project planning.  We stand behind our work, and we never believe that our projects are completed until you are completely satisfied.  We’d love to talk to you about your specific needs–give us a call or send us an e-mail for a free quote.

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