Fall is here, and along with it comes beautifully-colored leaves, hay rides, pumpkin festivals and trips to cider mills.  Of course, fall also ushers in winter—and a few months of much colder temperatures.  Although this time of year brings cozy nights by the fireplace, there’s no way that we can forget about the spike we’re sure to see in our energy bills.  But no worries, there are a variety of things that you can do to save energy—and the dent in your wallet—this season.  Consider these five:

Energy-Efficient Light Bulbs and Power Strips   

Compact fluorescent bulbs are considerably more efficient than the standard incandescent light bulbs; and they last ten times longer, which is a definite plus.  You won’t sacrifice light because fluorescent bulbs produce the same amount.  If you want to save energy, you should consider replacing your old bulbs with these newer models.  If you’re unsure of the best wattage for your lighting fixtures, check with a local hardware store that sells them.  And while you’re there, be sure to ask about safe recycling options—fluorescent bulbs should never be tossed in the trash once their lighting-life ends.

You can also save energy and money by plugging multiple electronics into a single power strip.  No matter what brand you choose, be sure that your power strip has a surge protector and an on/off switch—the surge protection will help prevent damage in the event of a power outage.  Turning your power strip off will stop the energy flow, which will also save you money.

When not in use, turn it off!

In addition to turning your power strip(s) off, be sure to turn off lights in unoccupied rooms.  And during the day, take advantage of natural light whenever you can.  Open your window blinds on bright days and use the natural light.  Additionally, turn off computers, TVs and radios when they are not being used.  Although it’s easy to crave stimulation or “white noise” from a radio or TV—even if it’s in another room—this is a huge energy-waster.  

Natural Heat

Just like natural light, natural heat can also be an energy-saver.  Even if it’s frigid outside, on bright sunny days, remember to leave your window treatments open and let the sun’s rays add heat to your home.  But don’t leave your drapes or blinds open at night—doing so will let the heat escape.

Keep your refrigerator full

Not only is it beneficial to keep your refrigerator fully stocked during this time of year to prevent unnecessary store-runs in stormy weather, it’s also good for your energy bill.  That’s because a full refrigerator uses less energy to keep cool than if it was empty.  If it isn’t possible to fill it with extra food, consider filling any extra/empty space with water-filled containers.

Take showers!

Even though the thought of a long, hot bath can be very soothing, it also costs more.  Taking a five minute shower instead of a bath will decrease your water and energy consumption significantly—you’ll use about three times the energy if you opt for a bath.

Junk Removal in Atlanta

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