Spring is always a great time of year to thoroughly clean your home It makes sense to begin with the most important and largest items, such as major appliances, furniture, walls and carpets.

1. Consider renting a cleaner for your carpets or shampooing them. This will thoroughly remove bacteria, dirt and other grime that has accumulated. After you finish cleaning a carpet or rug, open a nearby window to help it dry sooner.

2. If your refrigerator has exposed coils on the back, clean them to save energy and prevent overheating. You will need to move this appliance away from the wall and use a vacuum cleaner to get rid of that pesky debris. Be sure to sweep the floor when you’re finished.

3. Keep in mind that dust does not only collect on carpets and refrigerators; it also sticks to walls, doors and wooden furniture. Most of these items can be cleaned with sponges, cleaning agents and dust rags.

4. Connect a soft brush attachment to your vacuum cleaner and use it to clear dust from any ceiling fans in your home. A piece of cloth may also prove useful when you perform this task.

5. Remember to remove dust and dead insects from lights on your walls or ceilings. You can accomplish this with the help of sponges, a cleaning spray and a ladder. Use a soft cloth to polish the fixtures.

6. Do not waste time and energy by completely removing a piece of furniture from a rug before vacuuming it. Just move it a short distance.

7. Think about using a combined wax and wash product to clean the kitchen floor. This will add a coating that shields the surface from future damage. Be sure to carefully read the instructions to make sure the cleaner can be used on your floors without harming them.

8. One commonly overlooked item to clean is your doormat. The doormat will only stop people from tracking in dirt if you clean it from time to time. For easier cleaning, consider replacing heavily worn mats with new rubber ones.

When you finish cleaning your home this spring, be sure to give yourself a well-deserved rest and take the time to enjoy the season’s pleasant weather. If you find any items to dispose of, call Stand Up Guys for convenient Marietta junk removal services.

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