All anyone is the sports world could talk about when it came to the NBA this offseason, was the Miami Heat. Ohh the big three will never lose a game, they will be the best team ever assembled, heck they wanted to anoint them with the NBA Finals trophy before the season even tipped off. One thing they all forgot was, it takes a team to win, not just a few big names. I just got done watching the Heat get WORKED by the Celtics in the season opener, I mean the Celtics owned them from beginning to end.  The Heat looked like they had no idea how to run an offense, the only ball movement they had was to just pass it to either Bosh, James, or Wade and hope that they would score one on one. No thats not gonna get you a championship. The reason this worked for the Celtics a few years back when they first got there “Big Three” was because they had great team chemistry, and a wonderful supporting cast. The Celtics played defense, moved the ball, and had wonderful shooters on the edge. The Heat, well they have three players, and thats about it. There center looked like he belonged in the D league, and there point guard looked scarred to death and just wanted to hand the ball to Lebron and get out of the way, and there coach looked like he just graduated high school.

I know a lot of people will say, dummy this is just the first game of the season, they still have 81 games to play. Yes I know this, but you can always spot chemistry when you see it, and the Heat, on this night, im sorry but they just looked lost. Lebron looked like he was really not having a good time, and in Cleveland he always looked in control and always had a smile on his face, seems to me that the pressure has gotten to ole Lebron.

In my opinion if the Heat really want to make history this year they have to ride Dwayne Wade, he is the only natural born leader on that team and he is also the only one with a ring. So put the ball in his hands and let everyone work around him, yes that means you too Lebron. We know having Lebron as the focus of your team doesn’t get you where you want to be, just look at the Cavs over the last seven years, they were always close but never close enough. 82-0 I don’t think so.

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