In my opinion there are one of three ways we can all go when it comes to our careers. 1. We can go out a get a job, this is the most common, and has the widest range. 2. We can go out a pick a career, some base it on on money, some base it on region. 2. We can go out and do something we love, something we have a passion for.

We have all had a job at one time or another, there easy to obtain (depending on the economy), you get paid by the hour, and you do what you told. Having a job has its ups and downs, I mean everybody likes to have a steady paycheck, there is nothing wrong with that. One of the perks as well can be the steady hours, if you work the same hours every day, every week, you get accustomed to those hours and fit your life around them. The down side to having a Job opposed to a career is that your not left with much room to grow, the ceiling is set on where you will go from day one, some people like that some people don’t, staying in one place can be a security. Another down side to having a job opposed to a career is that if you get laid off, which happens far to much these day, then your left with nothing, zilch, napa.

Now picking a career is much different than having a job, most people that pick a career, did so in college and they have taken the necessary steps to lead them there. In a career you have all the room in the world to grow, move up in what ever field your in, the “ceiling” set for you is extremely high in most cases. The money, obviously, can be much better when you pick a career in a certain field, but the hours can be much more grueling and a career and take over your life sometimes. If you get laid off from a company though, your not always left in as bad a shape as someone that was just working by the hour, you work in a “field” so there can be other opportunities for you in that same field, but just with another company. This seems to be a common method of a path people take, go to school, pick a major, pick a career, live with it. You here so many times though that someone focuses all there energy towards there career, even makes  a bunch of money, but is miserable because there not doing something they love.

Now doing something you have a passion for can actually fall in the first two categories as well, of course there jobs and careers out there they people love, the whole worlds not miserable, I hope. Some people out there just know what they love, or have a passion for, and thats all they focus on, an find a way to make money doing it. Starting your own business in no way means your doing what you love, there are plenty of people that choose to start a business because of the amount of money they see themselves potentially making, but starting a business with something you have a strong passion for is completely different. I believe that if we do what we love, every day would be more enjoyable, whether you make a lot of money or not. Most often though when you love what you do it shows in your work, therefore the money will come.

I myself have had plenty of jobs, some that I liked and some that I hated, but no matter how much I liked it in the beginning, I hated it near the end. Ive done a bunch of different things ranging from bagging groceries, to parking cars, even construction. I didn’t go to college so I always thought that I would be stuck doing those lifeless sorts of jobs, until I realized that all that mattered is your drive. I decided I was just going to do what I enjoyed and let the rest fall into place. What I enjoy is working with people, working with my hands, running a business, and helping out with the community. With all that put together I started Stand Up Guys, and it has been a roller coaster ever since, but I love what I do. Everyday that I get up to go to work and meet up with my guys, I have a huge smile on my face, because I truely

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