Junk Junk Junk – All Over Metro Atlanta

In this kind of business (Junk Removal) you never know where you will be, or what your going to run into next, and that’s what we love about it. Here at Stand Up Guys, we travel all over the Metro Atlanta area, so our travels range from all the way up in Cumming, to Marietta, over to Norcross, down to Sandy Springs, and all the way down to south Atlanta. We go where the junk is, its that simple, and we certainly don’t know what kind of junk we will run into either. Every job is different, from what kind of junk it is, to what troubles we will have getting it to the truck.

1st Job – Marietta

man sitting in an old junk chair

Good Enough For Donation

Today The Stand Up Guys Junk Removal Crew had their first job in Marietta. First we stopped off at the QT to get some fuel, and some caffeine for the day, then we road out. The first customer was in the process of moving, so she had tons of furniture that she was getting rid of, because there was no way it was all going to fit in her new home.

Most of the furniture was good, so after we personally gave all the furniture a test run (as you can see in the pictures) we set them up, and got them ready for donation. We typically make one trip to donate at the end of every day, so the good stuff goes in a special spot in the truck.


2nd Job – Sandy Springs

man holding a pile of yard debris

Yard Debris

Next we headed out to our second job in Sandy Springs. We didn’t fill up much of the truck, so there was no need for us to go to the dump after the first job, so we headed right for Sandy Springs from Marietta.

Our second customer of the day, Tom, had a backyard full of yard debris. He had worked all weekend with his son, they cut down tons of tree limbs, and cut up a few fallen trees. Now that they did the hard work, we just swooped on in and cleaned it all up. Now our truck was definitely filled though, now that we threw all that yard debris in there that is. So our next trip was definitely to the dump, to clear ole “Junk-a-Tron” out.

3rd Job – Alpharetta

man standing in fron of an old junk grill


The dump that we love to use is located in Cobb County, so from Sandy Springs its a little bit of a haul, but nothing we cant handle. When we get to the dump, it’s right to work, clearing out all the junk from the last jobs. Once we had everything cleaned out of the truck, we headed for Alpharetta (after we got lunch that is).

Deep in Alpharetta, is one of the farthest drives for us on a daily basis, not that we mind. First of all we work out there all the time, and second, it is one of the highest cities north of Atlanta, so it’s not exactly close.

When we arrived at the job, we instantly new what was going, because it was all sitting in the driveway (a junkman’s dream). It’s a dream because there is nothing better then being able to just pull up to a pile and chuck it into the truck, no walking, just lifting. It was just some good ole household junk, and furniture. There was a recliner, a grill, and a few other miscellaneous things, nothing to big or bad.

This job was small enough, and quick enough that we still had some more time in the day, so we road out to our last job in Dunwoody, dropped off all our donateables, and then called it a day. Now that is your typical day in the life of a Stand Up Guy, but there are never two days the same. Every day has something new in store, and a new adventure somewhere.


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