Happy Customer In Towne Lake

pile of old junk carpet

Old Junk Carpet

Wow!! Today was a cold one, I left the house this morning with at least four layers on. Today was just like any other day though, the Crew and I started the day by going to the recycling center, we even made a stop by “The Classy Clutter” over in Roswell, by the square, to drop off some window panes. We like to save all the windows we come across on the job sites so that we can donate them to “The Classy Clutter”, because they use them to paint on, or sell them to there customers to do the same.

We had three jobs on the daily log, so we had to stay in motion, to make sure we got everything done. Our first job was in Towne Lake, inside of Woodstock. Towne Lake has always been one of our favorite places to work, the people are awesome! And the community itself is just wonderful. When we got to the first job, are customer had a bit of a small issue though. He had his own trailer that he could take to the dump and get rid of his junk himself, its just that he really had no time to it. So naturally he didn’t want to pay full price for our services because he felt he could do it himself.

So, of course, we did all that we could to help him out, and the situation at hand, and made a deal with him that made everybody happy. We took only the items that he HAD to have gone that day, like carpet, and some construction debris, for our minimum price, and helped him to break down the rest of his junk so that it could fit all in his trailer so that he only had to make one trip to the dump, when he got the time that is.


A clean basement with no more junk

Junk No More

We always try to work with our customers to make them happy, wether its with pricing, or an extra hand around the house. We at Stand Up Guys Junk Removal know that times are tuff right now, and we all need a little help sometimes, so when we can offer a little wiggle room we definitely oblige them. Like in this customers case, we helped him to break down all his large items to fit in his own trailer because he was unable to handle the work himself, and whatever did not fit we took for a low price. Its all about helping people for the guys here at Stand Up Guys Junk Removal, the customers are everything to us.

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