Another Day In Dunwoody

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Household Junk

Here at Stand Up Guys, we have good days and bad days, good weeks and bad weeks, but no matter what, we do all we can to help our customers. This week started out as one of those bad ones. We had a flat tire Monday morning, then the truck ran out of gas for one of our crews on Tuesday morning. So naturally because of these mishaps some of our customers that were in those time slots, got pushed back. Even though we hustled to get them done in time, some of them we weren’t able to get to.

The one thing we don’t want to do here at Stand Up Guys is to upset our wonderful customers, they have always been so good to us, and we want nothing more, then to return the favor with excellent customer service. When we have problems where we cant get to a house on time, this can potentially be upsetting to customers, so we do what we can to rectify it with them. In these two instances this week, the customers were really cool about it, they understood what happened (everything doesn’t go perfect all the time), and were fine with rescheduling.

Well, rescheduling just isn’t enough for us here at Stand Up Guys. We want to go farther for our customers, to make sure they know how much we care. So on the rare occasions that we are late, or cant get to a customers house on the date they had planned because of problems like we had this week, we go a step further. We give our  customers 15 percent off the total of a job, if we were not able to make it to their house when they wanted us too.

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We do this so that our customers truly know that we care, its not about the money on that single job for us. No, its about a bigger picture, its about taking care of our customers so that they know they can call, and count on us anytime they want, or need. We are not your typical, fly by night junk removal company. We are different in so many ways, not only the way we treat our customers, but how we treat our community, with recycling and donating.

So the job you see in these pictures here, was a job we rescheduled from our Monday mishap, and pushed til Thursday. This particular customer in Dunwoody, had himself a garage sale that didn’t wind up doing as well as he though it would (they rarely do). So instead of selling all that junk that he had dragged through his house onto the driveway, he was left with it, and had to call a junk removal company. That’s where we come in.

This time the Stand Up Guys had zero mishaps and were able to show up to his house on time, and ready to work (your typical Stand Up Guys routine). Just like we did for the others, we gave this Dunwoody customer 15% off. Once we got started though, we realized that their was a ton of stuff in his pile of “junk” that was still good. Even though he wasn’t successful with his garage sale, doesn’t mean that someone out there wouldn’t love some of his nice furniture, and nick nacks. So we gave him an even bigger discount, on the things that we perceived that we donation worthy.

So even though his garage sale was a bust, and we weren’t able to arrive the first day he had scheduled, this Stand Up Guys, Dunwoody, junk removal customer wound up being a happy one. He saved big time on the removal fees, and the little he made on the garage sale was actually enough for him to pull a profit once it was all said and done. Even though we made a mistake in the beginning, we were able to rectify it. So it went from starting out as a bad week, to ending up as a pretty good one.

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