Junk…Junk…Junk In Smyrna

a pile of junk in smynra

Junk..Junk.. Junk…

Today we had a customer call us with somewhat of an emergency. He had a pile of junk laying outside one of his rental properties in Smyrna, that someone had just dropped out their in the middle of the night, the night before. His biggest problem though, was that he had some potential renters coming to look at the property that afternoon, and we all know that no one is going to be interested in renting a home when there is a pile of junk in the driveway. I mean, it doesn’t get much worse than that when you are talking about eye sores. Good thing this guy found The Stand Up Guys though!

clean drivewy in symrna

All Gone!

We have found that this is quite a big problem now a days. With people just dumping their junk anywhere they please. First of all it’s disgusting, and it’s just extremely inconsiderate of people, and their homes. Nobody wants to look at your household junk just sitting in the street. More people out there should be more considerate of others, and take responsibility for their own lives, and when they have junk, they should properly dispose of it like the rest of us. This isn’t just a problem in Smyrna, no, it’s a problem all over, and we deal with it on a daily basis.

I completely feel for the home owner that called us, and I understood what type of predicament he was in. This wasn’t his fault, but either way the pile of junk needed to go, and it needed to go fast! So we dropped what we were doing, and the Stand Up Guys “Blue Crew” headed over their asap. We pulled up and had everything loaded, and swept up in no time. Now the home owner, our customer, can worry about other things, and not have to deal with the headache of unwanted junk in front of one of his homes. We hope that everything worked out, and that the couple that was coming to check the house out wound up loving it.

For anybody out their that has had to deal with something like this, next time it happens just give the Stand Up Guys a call. Let us come handle everything for you, and maybe take some of that unnecessary stress away.

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