Appliance Removal in Kennesaw

Jackie in Kennesaw was recently remodeling her kitchen and replacing all the appliances. The refrigerator, stove and oven, microwave and dishwasher were all being replaced. When the contractors were performing the job they placed all the appliances in the garage, out of the way. Once they were completely finished with the project, Jackie was left to dispose of the appliances herself.

Jackie had no idea what to do with all these appliances. She had never done anything like this and did not even know where to start. It didn’t help that her contractors that installed the new appliances didn’t even offer to help her figure out what she was going to do. Jackie had herself in quite the pickle.

Her first thought was to go on Craigslist and search for appliance pickup, but no body was reliable and followed through with her request. Next, she started searching on Google for appliance removal and Kennesaw and junk removal companies popped up. She called a few and soon realized that taking them for free these days were just about out of the question. So she shopped around and searched for the most affordable yet reliable company to remove the appliances.

Appliances in the back of a truck

Appliance Removal

Finding the right junk removal company

After doing her research she decided to go with us, Stand Up Guys Junk Removal. We explained to her that we have dealt with this exact same situation a many times and were able to make the customer feel completely satisfied. Casey sent out his “appliance specialists” to take care of Jackie’s problem.

The very next morning the Stand Up Guys pulled up at Jackie’s Kennesaw home. After talking with Jackie for a few minutes an getting acquainted, the guys began loading everything into the truck. They worked swiftly and smoothly and before you knew it they were done. Jackie could not have asked for anything more, and reassured the guys that she will use us for all her junk removal needs in the future.

Our “appliance specialists” makes sure no part goes without being recycled. Whether its taking the freon out of the refrigerator so it can be recycled, or cutting wires off all the appliances, or even taking the motors out so they get properly recycled. When we pick up your appliances, there is no better way of knowing your parts will be properly recycled, then when you choose us! Check out our appliances page and learn more!

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