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“The First Step is Admitting the Problem!”

Junk Addiction can be a serious problem!

It starts with your closets and cabinets, then moves into your garage’s and attics. Soon it fills the bedrooms, overflowing into your hallways and eventually taking over your life! The Stand Up Guys offer several options to help gain independence and conqueror junk addiction.

Junk can be extremely addictive and quitting can be a difficult process. There for, we have developed a guided self help system to end junk addiction once and for all. For each phase of the program completed, participants will graduate to the next level of the program and will receive benefits for their success.


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Junk Addiction Program (JAP)

Join others just like you who face junk addiction every day! Enlist in JAP and gain more than just support.

Where Do You Stand? Find out how to earn each badge and receive discounts off our services.

Available Badges! Find out how our program can work for you. MORE >>

  • First-Time User Badge
  • Casual User Badge
  • Addict Badge
  • Junkie Badge


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