Im sitting here watching the Hawks play the Denver Nuggets, and I find myself feeling the same way I have felt about the Hawks the last four years, aggravated. When we acquired Joe Johnson, then Bibby the next year it really felt like we were turning things around, but then nothing changed. Ya the Hawks have made a few moves here and there since then, but nothing big at all. Yes, getting Crawford was huge, but thats it. We fail in the draft almost every year (except Hortford) and during the offseason we never go for the big one, and all us fans sit around and wonder why nothing is changing in how our team is playing. NO! it wasn’t the coach, its the same old players.

I sat here and watched team after team make huge trades, and yes huge risks, some better than others but at least other franchises are trying to change things up for there fans. There was just a ton of talent available this offseason, and hell before the trade deadline to0, but no, the Hawks just sat back and did almost nothing. WOW, we traded Bibby for a slightly younger, slightly less talented Kirk Hinrich, great trade guys. The Nets gave up half there line up to get Darren Willams, and the Knicks gave up two years worth of players to get Melo, but at least these guys are doing something to change. Doesn’t the Hawks GMs know that doing the same thing over and over and expecting different results is pure insanity. They should seriously looking at keeping our good “core” players, Johnson, Hortford, and maybe Smith, and trying to trade the rest for either a couple big names, or some new role players to energize the team and the fans. Don’t forget that Dwight Howard is a free agent after this year, I give up everybody but the “core” for him.

If the Hawks are some how able to win in the first round again this year, which would be nice, don’t ever expect them to beat any of the upper echelon teams in the second round. Oh wait, I guess if we are able to win at least one game in the second round that will be a step up.

Don’t get me wrong I love the Atlanta Hawks, but I don’t want to be a typical Atlanta fan. Most of us are just happy that the Hawks are competing, well not me. We have been competing well with everybody for the last few years, so now its times to make the next step and start being one of the best in the league. Like I said before, in order to be the best they are going to have to take some risks and make some moves. Come on Hawks, don’t leave me hanging forever.

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