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There are too many imitators, mimics, and impersonators of The Stand Up Guys Junk Removal Crew to even count nowadays, even more than ever before. It has even become somewhat of an epidemic for our customers. Sometimes it’s even hard for them to see the truth from afar.

Well we are here to assure you that The Stand Up Guys are still #1 in your hearts and in the junk removal game here in Atlanta.

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Ross “A Stand Up Guy”

When you work with Stand Up Guys Junk Removal, you get so much more than just your junk hauled away, you get to enjoy an all around wonderful experience. Stand Up Guys isn’t just our company name, it’s a way of life. 

We provide our customers with top-notch customer service and value, along with the fact that we use what we remove to help out the community and the environment. The Stand Up Crew doesn’t just take what you have and toss it all into the landfill. No, we filter through all your “junk” and take it to one of three places.

Anything you have that is still in good condition, whether it be furniture, lawn equipment, decor, or even cloths, we turn around and donate right back into the Atlanta community. This way when you are getting rid of some of your old stuff, it can still find itself a good home.

Now anything that we are getting rid of for you that is recyclable, go directly to the recycling center. This way we don’t overfill the landfills and transfer stations with unnecessary items.

Everything that is left goes to either the vegetation dump (if it’s yard debris), or to the dump. That’s out simple little process that not only helps the environment, but also gives a little back to the community.

The Imitators

Don’t let the others fool you, and please don’t let them take advantage or you either. There are a few ways to know if who you are hiring for your junk removal is legit or not, and yes, I will gladly show you how to spot a fake or not.

How To Spot A Fake

  1. They have tiny trucks
  2. They give you a price over the phone
  3. They aren’t insured
  4. They overcharge
  5. Their unprofessional
  6. They don’t respect your time. 
  7. The Crew is not wearing the powder blue uniform.
Stand Up Guys Junk Removals competitos

The Imitators

Now let me go a little more in dept into these “ways to spot a fake.” This way you know why each reason is there and also to give you a better understanding of what is what and who is who.

First, if the company that you call comes out in a tiny little pick up truck, or has some dinky trailer then you know right off the bat that they aren’t going to be able to give you the best price. The bigger the trucks in this business, the better the prices.

Why? For one, they don’t have to travel to the dump as much with a bigger truck, so that saves on fuel. Also, they can fit more in one trip, so again that saves you money. Make sure to pick a junk removal company with adequate trucks and equipment, for instance Stand Up Guys Junk Removal.

Second, if the company you call is quick to give you a quote over the phone (unless it’s just one or two items) then they are most likely bogus. In this industry it is too hard to give exact quotes over the phone honestly. Most likely if they throw a low price at you, it’s because they want to get out there first in order to up sell you later. Beware.

Stand Up Guys Junk Removal Donating in Atlanta


Third, and this is a big one. When you hire a junk removal company to come to your home or place of business MAKE SURE THEY ARE INSURED! This is important for many reasons. For one this protects you from getting hit financially in case of an incident. Also it lets you know that who you are hiring, along with who is coming into your home is legit and not some fly by night crew. 

Fourth, you will always know if the service you hired is a fraud if they are quick to overcharge you. When you hire Stand Up Guys Junk Removal you know you’re getting the best price & value every time no matter what.

Fifth, and this is another big one and that’s professionalism. When you hire ANY company or service to work in your home or place of business you want, no, you need them to be professional. Professionalism is something that seems, at times to have been lost in this day and age and frankly it’s unacceptable.

Here at Stand Up Guys we believe whole heartedly in professionalism and we strive for it 100% on every job, every day. You know when you hire the Stand Up Crew that you will get professional service, professional looking gentleman, and an all around professional experience.

Sixth, the impostors don’t respect your time. Your time is important and the company you hire should know and respect that, other wise they aren’t worth hiring. You can tell the difference between the Stand Up Guys and the imitators simply by when you call in to schedule. We will schedule a time that works with you and you only. Not what fits around our schedule, we are more concerned about you and your time.

Seventh, and this is the easiest way to spot an impostor. If the company you see isn’t wearing the Stand Up powder blue uniforms, then they aren’t for you. Only the Stand Up Guys wear the powder blue uni’s and that is the only color you should see in the junk game. If you don’t see the powder blues, then turn the other way and don’t look back. There is no one else you want to hire for your junk removal needs than us.


There is only one company that covers every angle and is number one in every category of the junk game. That’s Stand Up Guys Junk Removal.

If you live in the Metro Atlanta area and you are looking to get rid of some household junk, yard debris, or maybe even looking for some light demolition, or anything hauled for that matter. Then you need to hire Stand Up Guys Junk Removal.

We will take care of you, while respecting your home and your family. Stand Up Guys are number one in your hearts and number one in Atlanta junk removal.

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