atlanta storm clean up

Storm Clean Up

Wow, lets hope that this mess here in Atlanta will go away, and go away soon. This week has been a mess, the roads have been frozen over, the grocery stores are running out of food and there has been hundreds of cars stranded all done the highways. Also the ice has caused a lot of damage to peoples homes and properties, with fallen tree limps and such. So first and for most we here at Stand Up Guys just hope everyone out there is ok and that they are being careful as we all wait this out. Its Friday now and from what they are saying on the news, this should all be clearing up soon.

So once this is all over and you are in need of some serious clean up in your house or in the yard from the storm, we just want you to know that you can call us. We are reaching out, and for a limited time offering our services to help clean up the storm damage. We usually just stick to junk, but now, because so many people are in need we will also help clean up the mess left behind by this nasty weather, so just give us a call or shoot us an email, and we will see if we can help. Once again I hope everyone stays safe out there.

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