I came across this article today on Yahoo.com. It claims to have the perfect algorithm to figuring what the most miserable sports cities in america area http://sports.yahoo.com/top/news?slug=ys-forbes_most_miserable_sports_cities_022811 Yes I figured Atlanta might sneak up there, maybe in the top 10, because of our miserable fan base. There is no way were worse than Chicago (the Cubs), Tampa, Cleveland, or Phoenix right? Wrong! These quacks had Atlanta number two in Americas most Miserable sports cities. Come on, I know we don’t have a whole bunch of Championships, only the one (1995 Braves), but we aren’t that bad.

Atlanta has had plenty of good teams and good times in sports over the last 20 years or so. Hell the Braves hold the longest Division winning streak in all of sports for god sake, and the Hawks made plenty of good runs back in the nineties. Yes, I realize that Championships are important, but not having the most doesn’t automatically make you the most miserable. You cant sit here and tell me that Cleveland of all places isn’t more miserable than Atlanta. Every significantly bad memorable thing in sports leads back to Cleveland, “The Drive”, “The Fumble”, and now even “The Decision”. Even Lebron James, who was born and raised in Cleveland didn’t want to stay there, even though they were going to make him the highest paid player in the NBA, ya, he left for less money just to get out of that stink sports town. Don’t get me started on the Cubs now, I would much rather call myself a Braves fan then to ever show my face as a Cubs fan, they have never even been close to being good, now thats miserable.

Don’t get me wrong, I know Atlanta doesn’t have  the best fan base for any of our sports (mainly because theres more to do in this town then most others) but that doesn’t make us a Miserable sports town. I mean if we were so miserable then we wouldn’t have a team in every major sport, and they wouldn’t have a team in every sport here if people werent showing up, which they are mind you. Atlanta is a great sports town, where the fans love there teams. We might not have that many championships to ride home about but trust me, we are not miserable, we love our sports down here in the South.

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