Late Afternoon Call In

It was a nice, but long day at the Stand Up Guys Junk Removal Headquarters Monday. We had ourselves a junkie filled day with five jobs on the East Side of Atlanta and a few up north in the Alpharetta area as well. To put it lightly we were covered in junk.

junk removal truck of the stand up guys in atlanta

The Stand Up Guys ‘Junk Truck’

Just before we were packing everything up and calling it a day, we got our last phone call right before we were walking out the door. Yes, of course we answered. We never want our customers to have to leave a message and wait til the next day for a call. We stay in the office as late as possible to make sure we get all the calls on a daily basis.

The call was from one of our older customers, Mandy. Mandy had us come out to her home in the Eagle Watch subdivision of Towne Lake a few months ago to help her with her kitchen demo and removal.

Mandy expressed to us how extremely happy she was with the kitchen demo and removal while we were there. So we pretty much knew that we would hear from good ole Mandy again, it was just a matter of time, that’s all.

Mandy explained to Ryan, who took the call, that she and her husband had finished all the yard work that they had set out to do for the summer┬ámuch quicker than they imagined. She said that she was planning on putting a call into us to help get rid of the leftover brush and debris in a few months, because that is when she ‘thought‘ they were going to have the yard done.

Well I guess that Mandy and her husband took a page out of the Stand Up Guys Junk Removal Crews book while we were out at their home the first time. Because they worked their tails off and finished the yard months before their estimated completion time. We have a bigger effect on people than we know sometimes.

Scheduling A Removal Date

pile of brush and debris in Towne Lake, Woodstock

Massive Debris Pile

Mandy and her husband seriously wanted to get this pile of brush and debris that they created in the backyard of their Towne Lake home cleared up. The problem was they were always really busy with work and personal stuff. It was hard for them to nail down a date to be out there when we came.

Here at Stand Up Guys Junk Removal we are always trying to compromise and help our customers with whatever obstacles they might have. It was imperative that we come up with a solution to the problem. The obvious obstacle was that Mandy and her husband wanted the debris pile gone as soon as possible but just didn’t have the time to physically be there.

We all put our heads together an came up with a solution. Since Mandy had already met and worked with us in the past she said that she felt comfortable with us coming to the house when she wasn’t there. So we planned on coming out and taking care of everything for her while she was at work and letting her pay over the phone.

Mandy put her dogs away before she went off to work. This way the Stand Up Guys Junk Removal Crew could come out to her Towne Lake home and clean out all the debris from the backyard without anybody home.

Ryan went ahead and booked Mandy’s brush removal job on the schedule for that Wednesday. Mandy was happy we found a solution, and more than anything she was PUMPED to have that brush and debris out of her backyard.

The Brush Removal

brush and debris pile removed from towne lake

Say Peace To That Pile

Bright and early Wednesday morning we sent out two of our very best to Mandy’s Towne Lake home. We deployed our one and only Clark Berry, Aka ‘Clarky Bear‘ and his junkie side kick Christiaan Sammons.

The two of them are always raving about the Towne Lake area, so we were excited to send them out that way. Clark and Christiaan are avid golfers and as we all know the Towne Lake is extremely well-known for its beautiful golf courses. Not that the two Stand Up Guys are going to go play golf during the work day or anything, but they love to observe and check out the courses as they ride through town.

Clark and Christiaan arrived at Mandy’s home in the Eagle Watch subdivision right at 8am, (bright and early just the way Clark likes it). The two of them went through the fence doors into the backyard to see what kind of pile they were looking at.

The two Stand Up Guys quickly saw the massive pile of brush and debris laying in the backyard. They knew this one is was going to be tough because of the distance from the pile to the truck, but they were all ready revved up and ready to roll.

Clark instructed Christiaan to grab the tarp out of the tool box while he went in the backyard of the Towne Lake home and began prepping for this massive removal project.

Stand Up Guys Junk Removal Crew

The Blue Crew

First the two Stand Up Guys laid the tarp down next to the pile and began stacking the brush that was in manageable pieces onto the it. The brush and debris that was too big or cumbersome was put aside for Clark to take on with the chainsaw or branch clippers. He would just cut down the pieces that were too big then throw it back onto the tarp once he cut them into smaller sized pieces.

Once the guys filled up the tarp enough they would both drag it up the backyard, around the side of the house, and through the fence to the truck. Then Christiaan would hop up in the truck and pull the tarp in while Clark pushed from the other end. Then they would both pack it into the truck to ensure that the whole pile would fit into one load.

The two Stand Up Guys went back and forth more than 10 times with that raggedy old tarp before they had the entire pile into the truck. Once they had it all packed in, then they raked up all the remaining leaves and squeezed every last bit into the dump truck.

Once they were finished Clark called Mandy on the phone. Mandy was at work but she was expecting the call. Clark told her that everything went smoothly and that they were done. He had already emailed her the photos of the backyard being spotless, this way Mandy could seamlessly pay over the phone with credit card.

Clark sent her the photos just to reassure her that the job was done. We don’t want our customers worrying at all that the job was or wasn’t done correctly if they happen to not be there. We want them to know exactly what they are paying for.

Stand Up Guys Save The Day

Once again Mandy was just ecstatic about the entire experience. She was so happy to have that massive pile of brush and debris out of her backyard, and to make matters even better, she didn’t even have to be there.

She expressed to Clark how impressed she was with the professionalism and quality of our work. We know that we will one day see Mandy again. We can’t wait til the day, she is by far one of our all time favorite customers.

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