Basement Junk Clean Out – Alpharetta

basement with junk in alpharetta


Today was just another great day at Stand Up Guys Junk Removal! First the weather was absolutely beautiful in Alpharetta, just a great day for junk removal. Our second job of the day in particular was a basement full of junk, that needed a full basement clean out. Sadly, the customer had recently had a divorce, and her husband left a boat load of junk just sitting down in her basement. She couldn’t get in touch with him, so of course, she was stuck with it. She made the right call though, who better to take care of this problem than the Stand Up Guys.

Since the junk wasn’t there because of her doing, but because she had to pay for it, we did all we could to cut some corners, in order to cut the cost down. First we rummaged through everything and were able to actually get a third of a truck load full of items that could be donated. Since we were able to get rid of those items without being charged, we didn’t charge her. When we came back from Goodwill, we buckled down and finished the job for her.

She was extremely satisfied! and couldn’t believe how fast and efficiently we got rid of all the junk, now thats good customer service. She was also pretty pumped about the cost as well. Once again, we left another satisfied customer, and headed out to take care of another. I hope yall like the black and white, I thought it gave it a cool feel.

Clean Basement

No Junk


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