Call In From Roswell Home Owner

Last Wednesday we got a call into the Stand Up Guys Junk Headquarters from a nice woman named Mallory. Mallory told us that we (The Stand Up Guys) came highly recommended to her from her sister Janet. We removed an enormous playset for Janet a few months back in Alpharetta. You can read about all about it in an early post of ours here… Playset Removal Games in Alpharetta. 

basement in roswell full of junk

Too Much Junk

Mallory on the other hand had a different request then her sister. She told us that the basement in her Roswell home was completely taken over by junk that her and her husband had collected over the years.

We explained to Mallory how the Stand Up Guys work & what we could do for her. We told her we could come out and offer a free estimate in person, and that if she liked the price that we could go right ahead and take care of EVERYTHING then and there for her. Mallory was ecstatic and scheduled a time for us to come out and give her a free estimate the following week.

We came so highly recommended to Mallory, and we impressed her sister to no end, that right off the bat we had huge expectations placed on our shoulders and were going to have huge shoes to fill. Our own huge shoes that is.

Basement Full Of Junk

basement junk


Carson and Clark arrived at the Roswell home yesterday with their junk’n hats on and their boots strapped tight. They were ready to impress Mallory, and exceed expectations, more than anything though, they were ready to start doing some serious junk’n.

Carson met Mallory at the front door and she too him down to the basement to look at the monstrosity of junk. Carson examined every inch of the basement, found the all the entry points, analyzed all the variables and with that came up with the best possible price for Mallory. Considering the magnitude of the job, and the magnitude of junk. Mallory loved the price and was ready for it to be out of her life for good.

Carson headed back up to the junk truck to get Clark and explain to him what was about to go down. Carson swiftly opened the truck door, looked at Clark with his most serious of faces and said, “It’s game time baby, NO junk will survive this day my friend.

Removing The Junk

basement cleaned of junk

All Gone!

First the two Stand Up Gentlemen started with the junk nearest the back door. They wanted to make sure that they got all the junk and debris out of the door way. The last thing you want is junk filling the doorway when your trying to pull stuff to the outside.

They also took everything near the staircase and cleared that area as well. The basement was so filled with junk that the guys planned on using two different exit points. The junk closest to the stairs would go up the stairs and through the garage. The junk closest to the door would go outside and around the house to the truck in the driveway.

This was an efficient and smart way to work, but that should come as no surprise to anyone that has ever worked with the Stand Up Guys before. We always work smarter not harder. Heck, that’s our motto.

clean basement of all junk

Clean As A Whistle

Well, the two guys huffed and puffed, lifted, loaded and lugged the junk up to the truck for a good 2 1/2 hours before they got it all, but the most important thing was, they got it ALL. Carson and Clark got every last piece of junk from Mallory’s basement. They didn’t leave anything behind.

Happy Customer

Mallory works from home up in her home office, so she wasn’t around while the guys were working all day. Once they finished up Carson went up to get her, let her know they had finished and to let her come down and see the masterpiece that they had made. Carson called it one of his best.

When Mallory saw how clean her once junk filled basement now was she was speachless. Mallory was so happy that she gave both Carson and Clark big hugs.

So all in all it was a great trip to Roswell, and we were able to make another customer happy. On top of all that, we exceeded Malloy’s expectations and maybe even impressed her more than we did her sister Janet. Not that we’re playing favorites or anything.

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