The Stand Up Guys Are At It Again!

Today the Stand Up Guys were at it again, this time we were cleaning out a TON of junk from one of our amazing customers basements.

This job in particular, came from on of our long time clients. He is a contractor that we have worked for many, many times before, and these were customers of his. So naturally, the Stand Up Guys Crew were going to be extra “Standup’ish” today. Mainly because we take referrals so seriously, and we don’t want to disappoint, especially in front of one of our favorite clients. For someone to recommend us to one of their clients, friends, or family, is the highest of compliments, and we don’t take that lightly.

basement full of junk


The job was a basement clean out. The customers had been letting junk pile up over the years in down in their basement, somewhat like a glorified landfill. But we all know we do it. If there is something that we “think” we “might” use again, we will store it away, until the day comes, years later, that it is basically junk.

These customers were so cool though, that they even let us pull around in their backyard, with our big truck, and pull right up to the basement door. This alone probably turned this job, from a 2 day job, to a half day. That’s how far the walk would have been from the basement door, if we parked on the driveway. Just so cool or them, they were class acts.

As you can see in the pictures, this was just a collaboration of “junk“. Junk from all walks of life. They had everything from old christmas trees, and lights, all the way to paint cans, and shingles. Just your typical, random, miscellaneous basement junk. We were tossing out tons of appliances, electronics, work out equipment. I mean you name it, they had it.

basement cleaned of all its junk


Well since we were right by the door, we got straight to work. The three of us “Stand Up Guys” that were there, just formed an assembly line of junk. Two men would constantly walk from room to room, and drag the junk to the door man. Who would then pick it up, decide if it was a donateable, recyclable, or just junk. If if was junk, it would be thrown directly in the truck. If it was either donateable or recyclable, it went in the separate pile next to the house.

After we had the ENTIRE garage cleaned out. We swept, and cleaned the floors and walls, and organized the rest of what was left. So this way they knew what was what, and what was where.

Then we took all the junk to the dump, and disposed of it. Then we came back and took the other two piles, and donated all the old furniture that was still in good shape, and recycled all the plastic and metal.

Just an all around great day. The work was easy, the customers were just wonderful, and we were able to give back to the community, and help the environment at the same time. Just great!

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