Brush Pile In Marietta

This morning was another beautiful morning in Marietta. All of the Metro Atlanta area is gorgeous this time of year, there’s no time like fall in Georgia. The leaves start to change color and the air always seems to be crisp, gotta love it.

man removing a pile of debris

Big Pile Of Debris

Well today we had a customer on our schedule from Marietta. Her name was Dorris. Dorris had used the Stand Up Guys Junk Crew a few times in the past and like most people, she just loved us. Just a few months ago Dorris had the crew come out and completely clean out all the junk from her basement that had been there for years.

Dorris was so happy with her experiences with the Stand Up Guys that she was excited to have a reason to call us again. This time Dorris was calling us out to take care of the huge pile of brush and debris in her driveway.

Dorris’s had her grandson and a few of his friends come out a few days prior and cut down a ton of bushes and rake up a few piles of leaves from her backyard. The guys did a great job and completely cleaned up her backyard, but the only problem was they had no way of getting rid of everything that they cleaned up, so they just piled it all up on the driveway like Grandma Dorris told them too.

She told them to pile all the debris up because she knew good and well who to call in this situation. When Dorris has junk or debris to get rid of she always calls the Stand Up Guys.

Cleaning Up The Brush Pile

Carson and his trusty side kick Clark showed up at Dorris’s Marietta home bright and early this morning ready to rock and roll. Clark was out at Dorris’s house for the basement clean out so it was nice for her to see a familiar face.

pile of debris in marietta

Clarky Gettin’ To Work

The job itself was pretty self explanatory, Dorris just wanted the guys to take everything in the pile on the driveway. So there wasn’t much complications to what needed to be done. Since it was so straight foreword the guys went right ahead and put on their junk removal caps and got to workin’.

First Carson backed the Stand Up Guys Junk Truck right up to the pile so that loading wouldn’t be that bad, (if there isn’t much walking involved it makes our job A LOT easier). Carson then hoped up into the truck so that Clark could hand him everything.

There was a lot of debris in this pile and the guys didn’t want it to exceed a truck load, so Carson stayed inside the truck the whole time stacking and packing everything in. With the right amount of packing down you can fit a pretty substantial amount of debris into our trucks. The more we fit in there, the better deal Dorris gets, and that is all we are concerned about.

Finishing Up With Dorris’s Brush Pile

Well just like the pro’s that they are, Carson and Clark were able to fit Dorris’s entire pile into the truck in one tight fitting load.

man sweeping up driveway

Spic & Span

It not only saves time and money for Dorris, but it also helps the guys to get to the next job faster, and the faster we get to the next job the faster we can make more customers happy just like Dorris.

The guys swept up the entire driveway and made sure everything was spic and span for Dorris. Like always, she was ecstatic! She was so happy with the job the guys did (even more happy than normal it seemed).

Dorris was going on and on about how she has been telling everyone she knows about the Stand Up Guys. That alone just makes us so happy, it’s nice to know that people out there appreciate the hard work we do enough to tell their friends and family about us.

We hope that when you decide to call us with your junk and debris issues that you are just as satisfied as Dorris here. It’s our main goal with every single customer.

We cant wait until the next time that we have the pleasure of working with Dorris. It’s always a great time and we love making her happy and seeing the big smile on her face when we finish the job.


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