Lisa’s Online Booking For Carpet Removal

Our new valued customer Lisa was in dire need of some help. She needed to get the carpets torn out of her office and hallway in her East Atlanta home. Lisa’s first instinct was to go to the web to find the best company she could to come get this taken care of for her, well her first instinct was the right one.

Lisa didn’t have to look very long, because it was apparent who the best in town was, The Stand Up Guys. She went to our site, read up a bit, and went right ahead and booked an appointment online.

The gentelmen working in the Stand Up Guys headquarters that day were able to get an appointment set up for her right away with our seamless online process. Needless to say she was thrilled with how easy it was. We were glad we had the system in place in order to meet Lisa’s needs.

The Arrival

Carpet Removal job in Atlanta

Old Catty Carpet

The Stand Up Guys Junk Removal Crew was booked beyond capacity Saturday, so we had to take drastic measures in order to insure that we upheld our amazing customer service reputation with Lisa.

So what did we do? We sent out two of our office jockeys and had them hit the truck for the day.

At Stand Up Guys we do whatever it takes to ensure that the customers are taken care of, and we were not going to let Lisa and her carpet removal needs fall by the “waste” side.

The two “Stand Up Office Jockeys” arrived down in East Atlanta, at Lisa’s home early on Saturday morning. The grass was dewy and the wind was a little chilly but this wasn’t going to slow down these two office geeks. They were determined to show the rest of the junk removal crew’s that they had what it takes to get this carpet removal taken care of.

old carpet in hallway needs to be removed

Hallway Carpet

The two gentlemen were greeted by the extremely nice and friendly art instructor Lisa. Lisa showed them to the carpet that had become her worst nightmare. She wanted nothing more than to watch that nasty old carpet just disappear.

Now the two Stand Up Guys on site warned her that they are no David Copperfields, but that they could get the job done quickly and for a great price! Lisa was thrilled with the estimate and was ready to get started, no, she was ecstatic to get started!

The Catty Problem

Now here at Stand Up Guys Junk Removal we don’t like to just come in and haul out junk, we enjoy the history behind said junk, and what we are doing and why we are doing it. So Lisa was kind enough to let us in on why she was getting all this carpet removed and hauled away from her home.

Carpet disposal in Atlanta

Office Geek

Lisa had a cat that decided she didn’t like her litter box anymore, (maybe it was the color of the box, we don’t know) so the cat instead made the carpet her new favorite litter box. Over the course of a few years the cat had managed to destroy her mothers lovely carpet to the point of no return.

Lisa loves her cat dearly and she had to make the tough decision on whether the cat or the carpet would have to go, obviously it wasn’t going to be the cat! Lisa had no choice but to hire some studs to rip up the carpet and revert back to the hardwoods that luckily laid underneath .

Like we told Lisa we would move the furniture in the room for her so we quickly hopped into gear and relocated all the good furniture into another room to allow space for the carpet removal process.

Lisa’s daughter had just moved back home after completing her studies at the local University. Her room was located directly above the office, so they needed to move swiftly.

carpet demo

Almost There

After all it was early Saturday morning, which is crucial sleep time for a young social butterfly like Lisa’s daughter!

The two office geeks couldn’t tiptoe around this project but they were able to move swiftly to make sure they didn’t bother her for too long. The Stand Up Guys didn’t want to make anyone cry, and that’s no lie.

The Solution – The Stand Up Guys

Although not normally out in the field, the two office jockeys still had the experience and the know how to get the job done. After all every single Stand Up Guys employee has to go through weeks of rigorous junk removal training before they start, no matter what their position is in the company. The two started right away moving the furniture into the living room to allow them to get the carpet up.

They then started cutting the carpet into manageable sections and pulling it up along with the padding that resided underneath. Once the carpet and padding was up the tacks along the perimeter needed a little nudging to come up to complete the removal process.

Carpet removed in East Atlanta

All Done! Nice Hardwood

In just a short period of 45 minutes, Lisa had hardwood floors instead of the catty carpet which had haunted her for years. The Guys took off with all the debris loaded in the truck which was parked right out front and kazzaaaam, all the demolition done in under an hour!

The guys wrapped up the payment and invoicing and had a quick chat with Lisa about her future plans of staining and refinishing her new hardwoods, giving advice and opinions on the matter. Lisa had a bright smile on her face when she watched the Crew disappear down the street, as they headed to their next adventure in the breathtaking city of Atlanta.


If you have any carpet that just has to go, then look no further than The Stand Up Guys Junk Removal Crew. We are licensed and insured, so you don’t have to worry when it comes to damages to your floors or walls, or injuries on the job site. The Stand Up Crew has your back like chiropractic!

We are fast paced and get the job done quickly. From one room carpet removal to multiple or even the entire home, we can take care of you! Just look at Lisa’s predicament for instance, we can basically handle anything that comes our way. Make the right choice when it comes to your carpet removal and hauling, call The Stand Up Guys. 

Have no fear, the Stand Up Crew is here!

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