Hallmark Clean Out – Milton

Today we helped a couple with cleaning out there Hallmark store. This is typically not what we like to see, we are pretty sure we were cleaning it out because they were going out of business, and even though we love the work, and love the opportunity to help, we hate to see someones business fail. We help people and business all the time with their office clean outs and commercial junk removal projects, but we never want to see someone that is losing their business.

parking lot full of junk

Hallmark Junk

Either way, as you can see in the pictures there, everything was pulled out of the store, and placed in neat piles out behind the building. It was in a pretty popular shopping center right in the heart of Milton, close to Crabapple and Alpharetta. So because it was such a popular area, we were hoping that this wasn’t a business shutting their doors, but maybe just that they were upgrading all their shelving and what not. Wishful thinking maybe, but like I said before, we don’t want to see any bodies business suffer, not even our own competitors. We believe that there is enough work, and enough money for everyone to stay happy and stay busy. As long as you stick with it, and please your customers that is.

With all that aside, we pretty much just pulled up to the pile and loaded it all in the truck. These are always the graviest jobs of all, there is nothing better then being able to pull right up to a load of junk, and just chuck it into the truck (No walking!).

clean parking lot

All Gone!

Once we had everything loaded up, we figured that there was no reason for all this to go to waste, because it is more than likely that there is someone out their that is starting their very own business, and could put all this stuff to good use. So instead of dumping it, and instead of donating it, we just stored it all away in our storage unit. Just in case we are able to come across someone in need of this type of material anytime soon. So if you know someone just give us a call, they can have it for free. That’s just our style!

For the people that were getting rid of this junk though, we hope them all the best and wish them well in their future ventures. We know they would do the same, they were extremely nice customers, and we hope we get the chance to work with them again someday. Under different circumstances that is.

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