Fall Garage Junk Clean Up

man grabing junk from pile

Fall Junk

Have you seemed to acquire a whole lot more junk over the summer months? Or are you just getting sick of looking at all that stuff in you garage, or basement? If so then just call us, The Stand Up Guys. We offer many different services to help you to clean up that unwanted junk.

You can go through it all and make of pile of the crap that you don’t want and have us haul it away, or you can have us do all the work for you, so that you don’t have to lift a finger. Don’t wait until spring time to clean up, the fall is a great time to get started on your home clean up projects so that when spring does roll around you wont have nearly as much junk to deal with.

This job here was a family that had just accumulated far too much junk over the summer, (which is understandable when you have four kids). When they called us, at first they thought it would take them weeks to go around the entire house and rid of everything they didn’t want. Instead they just had to point to what was junk and we took care of the rest.

man standing in yard

Junk Gone

We cleaned out the entire basement, we even vacuumed up all the carpeted areas and mopped up the tile floors. We also followed them around and collected everything around the house that was junk, and loaded everything in the garage, (that’s what you see in the picture). The family was SO surprised to actually see how much junk they had, this is a very common reaction for most of our customers. Most of us don’t realize how much junk is overtaking our house until you watch it pile up. Either way we hope this family is much happier now that they are junk free and its great that The Stand Up Guys got to help another family.

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