Removing your own junk, simply because you have access to a truck, is not necessarily a good idea. Sometimes, it makes more sense from a safety and monetary standpoint to hire a professional junk removal company in Marietta, GA.

Business owners must carefully think about each expenditure decision – and removing unwanted equipment or debris will come at a cost. However, it is usually a lot more cost-effective to have the job outsourced to a professional company like Stand Up Guys. In fact, there are some cities and counties that restrict what can or cannot be hauled and disposed of by homeowners and business owners.

Below are some benefits of hiring a professional commercial junk removal company in Marietta and the greater Atlanta area:

Health and Safety

The nature and volume of your waste could render it hazardous when attempting to remove it. Back strains, abrasions and cuts are real consequences of improperly removing junk. Additionally, if your work involves actually handling hazardous materials, there may be legal guidelines on how to properly remove and dispose of them. Without the right equipment and training, some junk can be quite difficult to get rid of.


Junk removal can be time-consuming as it involves removing the junk, loading it unto the truck, hauling it away and disposing of it. This could take several hours or even several days. This time could be better spent doing things that will directly benefit your business and expand its earning potential.

Efficiency and Reliability

Properly removing junk is more than merely tossing items into a truck and taking it to the local landfill. Being knowledgeable about what can be legally disposed of makes professional commercial junk removal in Marietta a better alternative. Taking everything to the nearest dumpsite can be costly and environmentally harmful. At Stand Up Guys, we are dedicated to recycling and re-purposing each and every piece of unwanted commercial junk that you have; this is much kinder to the environment.

Enhanced Aesthetics

Many businesses merely shuffle their unwanted equipment and furniture from one place to another. These items sometimes end up outside and create unsightly and even hazardous situations. Having junk items professionally removed will eliminate clutter, boost the aesthetic appeal of your business or property and could attract more customers.

At Stand Up Guys, our professional team specializes in removing commercial junk. It would be our pleasure to meet with you so that we can assess your junk removal needs, and to discuss any questions that you may have about our commercial junk removal services in the greater Atlanta area.

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