Need To Get Rid Of Junk?

What is the cost of getting rid of your old junk yourself? That is the big question we all have, but first we have to find out which route is best for you. First you have to know exactly how much junk you want to get removed, then you can move foreword.

You have a few options for the junk removal process. Ordering a roll off dumpster that will sit in your driveway, renting a truck yourself, or even calling a junk removal company like The Stand Up Guys to come do everything for you. Not everyone knows about junk removal, so in turn they decide to take on the junk project themselves, and that’s not always the best decision. Think twice, save hassle, headache, hard work and most of all MONEY.

1. Choosing a roll off dumpster

roll off dumpsters

Roll-Off Dumpsters

There are a couple things to remember when ordering a roll off dumpster. First, you have to find out if you neighborhood community even allows one to be placed in your driveway. And if you even have to ask yourself that question, most likely your neighbors are not going to like the site of a huge, ugly, smelly dumpster next door. Who knows how long it will actually be sitting there. A day, week, maybe even a month? Then you have to do all the work of putting everything in there, and most likely you will just throw junk randomly and lose space, versus us stacking everything in our trucks saving you money. Also you want to be sure that you do not put anything in the dumpster that they do not except, then your slapped with a big fee.

2. Renting a truck

truck rental

Truck Rental

This might be the most inefficient option. Do you have time to rent a truck, haul everything into the truck, drive to the sanitation dump, return the truck and finally head home? Time is not on your side when deciding to do it yourself and could take you all day, especially if you cannot find anyone to help you.  Not only do you have to do all the work, but you are having to pay for a lot. The initial set price for the rental truck is first, followed by $$$ per mile and paying for gas. And these trucks are not exactly “eco-friendly” with gas mileage. Who knows how far you have to drive to find the nearest transfer station or landfill. Then you have to pay for the dump fee. So literally every mile you go, you are paying more and more money.

3. Calling The Stand Up Guys

Atlantas junk removal crew

The Stand Up Guys

No ugly, smelly dumpster to annoy your neighbors with. No worrying about taking a whole day off from work. No more stress about your junk. The Blue Crew will come and do EVERYTHING. The Stand Up Guys Junk Removal Crew does all the labor, pays all the gas and pays all the dump fees. It’s all included with our low price.

So do not worry about finding time do handle all your junk, we are Atlanta’s favorite junk removal company and have been for years for a reason. We make the process simple and fast. So don’t waste anymore time trying other options, let us come give you a FREE estimate today. Once you have called The Stand Up Guys, you will never be stuck in this situation again.


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