The Meeting

Late yesterday our North Atlanta Regional Manager Clark and his side-kick Christiaan were just finishing up their day of junk’n. They had been all over the North side of town and everywhere in between. They just finished their last job of cleaning out junk from a basement in the Midtown area. They were stopping off at the local gas station to fill up on fuel for the next day and a little bit of soda and probably some twinkee’s too knowing Clark.

As the two Stand Up Guys were sitting at the pump, they were approached by a new potential client in need. The man who approached them was in the need of our junk removal services and he needed it asap. A perfect opportunity for the Stand Up Guys to show their true colors.

Bruce’s Junk Quandary

Stand Up Guys Junk Removal Truck in Driveway

Our Famous Trucks

This nice man who approached the two Stand Up Guys introduced himself as Bruce. Bruce had noticed the lettering on our beautiful junk truck and figured we were perfect for getting him out of this little junk quandary.

Bruce explained to Clark and Christiaan that he had called and scheduled an appointment with another junk removal company in the area (who we wont name), and that they just decided to not show up or even call to let him know.

So this sub-par junk removal company that Bruce hired really left him high and dry. Bruce told the Clark and Christiaan that he stacked all his junk outside of his home on the driveway so that this other junk removal company could easily back up and take care of everything.

Since these guys just decided to not show up and now Bruce was left with a junk problem, literally, sitting on his driveway. Bruce also went on to explain to the guys that the homeowners association in his neighborhood had already called him that morning to ask what he was going to do with the junk. He told the HOA when they called that there was a company coming to get it that day, so it would be gone by the afternoon.

Well as I told you before, that didn’t happen. Since that other sub-par junk removal company left Bruce high and dry, he had to find a way to get all this junk off his driveway before the end of the day or the HOA was going to have his bee-hind.

The Stand Up Guys To The Junk Rescue

driveway junk in Midtown

Driveway Junk

By some stroke of luck, Bruce just happen to run into the perfect guys at the perfect time. As soon as he told Clark and Christiaan the story, Clark raised his had to silence everyone so that he could speak. Clark, in a calming voice said “Bruce…You don’t have to worry my friend, for we will do whatever we can to help you out of this sticky situation.”

Bruce was ecstatic that he found these ‘Stand Up Guys‘ and he just told the them to follow him to his Midtown home where the junk was. Clark finished at the pump and hit the road.

Clark and Christiaan pumped up the tunes and hit the streets of Atlanta with junk on their mind, following Bruce through tons of back streets and shortcuts, but before the knew it they were there. The guys quickly saw exactly what task was at hand and they knew what needed to be done.

Christiaan hopped out of the truck and guided Clark as he backed up right up to the pile of junk that sat in the driveway, just like Bruce said.

Removing The Junk From The Driveway

driveway junk removed from Midtown, Atlanta

All Gone!

There wasn’t enough time for Clark and Christiaan to go to the dump and get rid of all the junk that was already in the back of their truck from the last job, so fitting all of Bruce’s junk into the truck was going to be quite the task.

The guys wanted to help Bruce out of this crappy situation and that’s why they headed straight there. They could have easily told him he would have to wait til the next day because their truck was filled, but they didn’t want to do that to Bruce. He had already seen the dark side of the junk removal world so we wanted to show Bruce the light.

Clark instructed Christiaan to hop in the back of the truck and start breaking down whatever he could, and rearranging some items so that they could salvage as much space as possible. Everyone in our company knows Christiaan as the “Master Stacker,” so there wasn’t anybody we would rather have in this situation then good ole Christiaan. If anybody could make room in that truck for the junk that was on Bruce’s driveway it was Christiaan.

As Christiaan was in the truck making moves and creating space, Clark was taking all the big items out of the pile of junk on the driveway and breaking them into smaller more manageable pieces to fit in the truck.

Once Christiaan had managed to muster up some space in the truck, Clark began to hand over the junk from the driveway one piece at a time. Now it just became a game of junky tetris. It was on Christiaan to put each and every piece of junk in the exact right spot, if not this job was going to fall apart. That was a lot to put on Christiaan’s shoulders, but we knew those broad, bad mamajammas could handle it.

Christiaan stayed in the truck and huffed and puffed his way through it. Putting each piece of junk in the perfect place as Clark was cheering him on from the outside. “It was really a thing of beauty to watch” said Clark in an interview once the job was all done. “Without Christiaan I don’t know that this job would have been completed on time, he’s a true junk hero.”

After all the dust settled and Bruce came outside to see how the guys were progressing, but there wasn’t anymore progressing because everything was done. Clark was just sweeping up as Christiaan was putting the tarp over the top of the truck. Man, these guys are fast!

The End

In the end it was a perfect scenario for Bruce. He found out who the jokers in the junk game were and who was the real deal. All his junk was gone, the HOA was off his back, and now on top of everything else, Bruce now had the perfect company to call or recommend if he ever needed anything done.

Once again the Stand Up Guys saved the day…

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