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Happy Earth Week from everyone here at Stand Up Guys!

Earth Week has an extra special place in our hearts. Since our very beginnings, we have done everything in our power to help the environment and our communities with the way we operate our business. Our amazing Stand Up Guys take extra time to donate and recycle every possible item we can. This helps lessen what’s taken to the landfills and helps by recycling materials that can still be of use.

How We Are Giving Back

For Earth Week we are giving back to our communities and our environment in some unique and different! The Stand Up Guys will be donating our time, money and collecting donations to help plant trees in all of our amazing communities that we service!

All our donations will be based around jobs and junk we take during Earth Week, so if you have junk and clutter you’re looking to have removed, now is the time to do it, because you could turn your trash into trees!

stand up guys junk removal giving back

See your Metro City below; Find out what we’ll be doing in your community for Earth week!


For Earth Week in Raleigh, our Crews are doing some AWESOME work and partnering up with an amazing Non Profit organization called Trees for the Triangle ( Our crews will be planting a 5 foot tree in our community, with Trees for the Triangle, for every day of Earth Week.

We will also be collecting donations for Trees for the Triangle from now until October with a goal of planting 50 trees! Help us help our environment and help us hit our goal, Raleigh!


For Earth Week in Tampa we are partnering with the beautiful and giving foundation, Keep Tampa Beautiful ( Crews will be planting seedlings with Keep Tampa Beautiful at their greenhouse, and once they grow to a certain size we will plant them into the community.  The Stand Up Guys in Tampa will be planting a seedling for every full truck load that we pack during Earth Week. So if you’re looking to get rid of junk and clutter anytime soon, this is the week to do it. Turn your trash into trees!


For Earth Week in the Metro Atlanta area the Stand Up Guys Crews are giving back with our wallets AND our time! We will be donating a portion of every job we do during Earth Week to ( Help us help the amazing city of Atlanta!


For Earth Week in Dallas, the Stand Up Guys will be partnering with the awesome Southwest Wholesale Nursery in Carrollton ( We will be donating our time and money to plant one tree in the Dallas Area for every single job we do during Earth Week in Dallas. Lets do this Dallas!


For Earth Week in the Nashville area the Stand Up Guys Crews are giving back with our wallets and our time! We will be donating a portion of every job we do this week to planting trees in Nashville!

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