For the first time in our history here at Stand Up Guys Junk Removal, we have a two way tie for our coveted Employee Of The Month Award. This award goes out the the employee that displays outstanding customer service, has high recycling and donation numbers, takes care of all their responsibilities, and not to mention who brings in the big money.

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Pepper and Carson

This month two of our top dogs, our head honchos, our big wigs, did all this and more. So we couldn’t just award one of them this amazing award, it wouldn’t be fair to the other. So this months coveted Employee Of The Month goes to both Carson Gibson, and Pepper Walsh. Our Alpharetta Regional Manager, and also our Atlanta Regional Manager.

Together the both of them, even through a lot of adversity, brought in record numbers in almost all our major categories. They brought in outstanding recycling numbers, and donated an above average amount of items. They both pulled in record amounts of sales, and to boot, there were zero complaints on either of them. So congrats, Pepper and Carson you deserve it.

There a lot of good guys on our crews, and many of them look up to Carson and Pepper, for guidance, and leadership. This has never phased Carson or Pepper, they have taken it all in stride, and lead their respected crew beautifully, and taught these young men the meaning of being a man, or a Stand Up Guy. Without these two awesome leaders on our side, Stand Up Guys Junk Removal wouldn’t be what it is today, from the entire crew, we cant thank you guys enough for what you do.

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