Qualia Corporation is a company created to enhance the mobile user experience with more meaningful data using already existing technologies that are widely available such as GPS. A smartphone is useless without the applications making it smart and turning it into a multi-purpose instrument for accessing anything and everything that is digital.

Qualia Corp.’s focus is on the “experience” and in the digital age we live in the “experience” of computing and being online will continue to change drastically over the next few decades. The mobile computing “experience” has evolved rapidly over the last few years and will continue to indefinitely for years to come. As the mobile hardware ecosystem continues to add more advanced sensors to these devices, we aim at providing unique and entertaining software applications that take advantage of these sensors that are available today. Helping create new “user experiences” for mobile devices.

The quest is to transform the idea of the static world into the idea of a dynamic and interactive world using mobile applications that create new “user experiences” that acknowledge a combination of both the virtual and the physical life people create.

The first project will be digitizing weather data by combining it with your most important friends and family members. This will allow for a interesting view of your social network. For the first time, you will be able to see your online friends locations along with the weather conditions they’ve experienced. Using the GPS-module on either an Android of iPhone, Face The Weather will create a quick glance-able view of your online friends locations and weather conditions. Moving past the Facebook question of “what’s on your mind?” to the more advanced questions such as “What are you experiencing in your current environment,” or “how’s the weather?”

Face The Weather will create a new appreciation for global weather conditions by combining locations and weather with the faces of people.

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