Camping and Fishing in Desoto ParkĀ 

Desoto Park Tampa FL offers beachfront camping and paved trails. It also features a fishing pier. Rent prices range from 994 to 1,481, depending on the size, number of bedrooms and amenities. On average, a studio apartment costs about 1,707 per month, while a two-bedroom apartment costs about 2,436 per month. See our home page.

Fort De Soto is a state park

Fort De Soto is a great place to go camping and enjoy the beautiful Tampa Bay area. The park has 200 campsites with electric hookups, grills, picnic tables, and shower facilities. The park is also pet friendly and has a fenced dog beach. The Fort also has a dog park that has water stations and restrooms. This is the perfect place to camp in the middle of Tampa Bay.

Fort De Soto Park is open seven days a week. Its fishing piers are open until dusk and park rangers are on duty until 11 p.m. There is a $5 parking fee for cars, but you can avoid the cost if you bike or walk to the park. Visitors can also reserve a camping spot online in advance.

It has a beachfront campground

The beachfront campground at Fort De Soto Park in Tampa FL is one of the best places to stay in Florida. It features clear water and mangrove-lined islands. It also provides amenities like water and electricity. Many of the sites include picnic tables and charcoal grills. The waterfront sites are especially sought-after.

Big rigs may want to be careful around overhanging trees. Pin stripping is required for RVs over 12 feet high, but otherwise the campsites are groomed and level. Tolls are between $0.50 and $1.25. The beachfront campground is in a lovely location, though some of the trees have fallen over.

The Gulf Coast is known for its calm waters and plentiful bird life. Desoto Park offers a number of options for beach camping. From remote islands accessible only by boat to full-service campgrounds close to downtown St. Petersburg, this area has something to offer every camper. More about Tampa here.

It has a paved trail

Desoto Park Tampa FL offers a variety of recreational activities, including biking, hiking, and bird watching. You can also enjoy kayaking, canoeing, and fishing. The park also has camping and picnicking areas. There are also historical sites and attractions to visit, including the 1898 Fort DeSoto. The fort was built during the Spanish-American War to protect Tampa Bay. The fort was abandoned after the war and was eventually purchased by Pinellas County. Today, it’s still home to the fort’s original battery.

If you want to ride your bike, Desoto Park has miles of paved trails. The trails offer scenic views of the Tampa Bay and Gulf of Mexico. You can also stop at lookout points to take a break from riding. The trails also have parking lots where you can start and end.

It has a fishing pier

Desoto Park Tampa FL has a popular fishing pier that is open to the public. It is three hundred and forty-two meters (3342 yd) long, 6.5 meters wide, and extends over the water for 270 meters (295 yards). It has two sides, so there is a total fishing area of 540 meters (591 yards). A third, irregularly shaped area is located at the end of the pier, adding another 100 meters (109 yards) of fishing area.

There is also a fishing pier on the Sunshine Skyway, which spans Tampa Bay. It is open all year long and is well-lit during the night, which makes it a great place to go fishing when the sun goes down. You’ll find parking for the pier right next to the bridge, which makes it easy to access the deep water. You can even get a Florida State Park ticket to access this fishing pier.

It has a wildlife refuge

Desoto Park Tampa FL has a number of natural attractions, including a wildlife refuge. It is one of the largest county parks in Pinellas County and is located off the St. Petersburg waterfront. It has 1,136 acres of land, five interconnected islands, and scores of native plants. The park is an important resource in preserving Florida’s natural environment.

For the bird watcher, there’s the Egmont Key National Wildlife Refuge, which is 1.6 miles long and a great place to see nesting gopher tortoises and sea turtles. It has the densest population of gopher tortoises in Florida. There’s also a military history to the park, with its Fort De Soto State Park. Hiking and bird watching are both popular activities here. Check our next area of interest here.



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