Motocross at East Bay Raceway Park

East Bay Raceway Park is a fun destination for motorsports enthusiasts. The track is a 1/3 mile clay oval that hosts motocross races, open practice and go-kart races. The track is also the site of a motocross show. There is even a Future for East Bay Raceway Park. Refer to This Page!

Heat 3 (8 Laps)

In order to be eligible to compete in the feature event at East Bay Raceway Park, drivers must first qualify in a heat race. Heat races are mandatory for all drivers who wish to compete in the main event. If a driver is not eligible to qualify in the heat race, he or she must sit out the heat race. However, exceptions to this rule may be made by the track officials or management. If you are unsure whether or not you can participate in a heat race, you should contact the race track’s pit office to verify the rules for your vehicle.

Heat 3 will feature top transfers. Drivers to watch include 55-Hunter Schuerenberg, 11K-Buddy Kofoid, 23-Core Eliason, 12-Brent Shearer, and 19M-Anthony Macri. Other drivers to watch for include 1W-Robbie Kendall, 99M-Kyle Moody, and 14T-Tyler Walton. Visit This Website.

A-main (30 Laps)

The A-main (30 Laps) at the East Bay Raceway Park features a field of 25 drivers. The top five drivers in the heat race are 7BC-Tyler Courtney, 23-Chris Windom, 4-Cap Henry, and 97-Greg Wilson. The top ten drivers in the A-main (30 Laps) are 44-Dylan Norris, 11-Cory Eliason, and 48-Danny Dietrich.

Brandon Overton took the lead early in the race, but faded in the closing laps. He lost his lead on lap 20 to Chatham, Ill., and on lap 21 he slipped outside the top ten. Overton parked his Wells & Sons Motorsports entry after a few laps and was credited with a 22nd-place finish. After midpoint, he struggled to make the turns.

Top 2 Transfers at Heat 3 (8 Laps)

Heat 3’s Top 2 Transfers are determined after the first two heat races. Those who finish in the top five in Legend Heat 3 will proceed to the A Main, as will those in the Legend Heat 4. In Legend Heat 3, the top five finishers will advance to the A Main, while those who finish in the bottom five will be sent to the B Main.

This heat race pays $25 and the top four in each heat will transfer to the A Main. The heat race features five drivers, including Tarlton, 34x Shane O’Connor, 95j Jerry Bowersock, 65 Todd Sherman, and P78-Perry Pickard.

Future of East Bay Raceway Park

The future of East Bay Raceway Park is in the hands of a new owner. The 1/3-mile dirt oval track is located near Tampa, Florida. The track has signed an “Intent to Purchase Agreement” with Mosaic Co. Mosaic, which recently relocated its corporate headquarters from Minnesota, will have the option to purchase the property in five years.

While visiting the track, it is important to remember that all vehicles entering the pit area must be registered and have a clearly visible number on the front. Also, all vehicles must have working lights. No person under 16 years old will be permitted to operate an ATV on the racetrack property. In addition, the car owner is responsible for registering the vehicle. Forms are available at the pit office. See More Information!

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