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To be honest, this was an extremely tough post to write. For one reason there are a zillion reasons why customers in Metro Atlanta do and should always choose Stand Up Guys for their junk removal needs, yeah I said it, zillions. So attempting to break it down into just the top four is as hard as it gets, but I must say, I never back down from a challenge.

Basically what I did was I barried myself in the Stand Up Guys records, made some phone calls, did some surveys. I mean I really did my homework. After I gathered all the data and info that I could, I sat down, pulled out the pen and notepad and came up with this. ‘Top Four Reasons Why People Should Choose The Stand Up Guys.’

Customer Service

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these are men removing junk

We Do The Work For You

1. Customer Service is the almighty and most important aspect of our company. Our customers satisfaction is everything to us here at Stand Up Guys Junk Removal.

The services we offer, may it be junk removal, clean ups, what have you, are all simple. The tricky part, is completing those services while accomplishing our main goal (customer service) at the same time.

Along with the fact that we strive to do it better than anyone else, no matter how simple or complex the task may be, The Stand Up Guys do it best. We believe we have accomplished that goal and we attribute it all to our efforts towards customer service and our customers overall satisfaction.

The Stand Up Guys Are….

  • Clean cut
  • Respectable to you, your family, and your home
  • Courteous
  • We make you look good in front of clients, if you run a business


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junk removal after moving

Customer Care

2. Pricing – Another one of our biggest attributes here at Stand Up Guys Junk Removal, is making sure our pricing is always competitive and fair for everyone. We don’t feel that it is necessary for our wonderful customers to ever pay a dime over what they should for our services.

We don’t just pull our prices out of thin air. No, they are all based on the task at hand, along with what the job cost US in order to get it done. This way we can give the customer the BEST possible price at the time. Gas goes down, so does our price. Dump fees go down, so does our price and visa versa.

In order to offer every single customer of ours the best price for what THEY have, we come out to every single job and offer up front free estimates. This way our customers aren’t lumped into a big pricing bracket with everyone else. Instead they are treated all as individuals, so that they get the best possible price for exactly what they need done and nothing else.

Our competitors basically just have pricing lists, brackets, flat fees and surcharges. Getting thrown under one of these brackets could mean trouble for you and your wallets. Don’t be fooled, let the Stand Up Guys take care of you. 

The Stand Up Guys Prices Are…

  • Fair for our customers 
  • Competitive with all other companies (always better actually)
  • Prorated for all your junk removal needs, this way you don’t pay flat fees
  • All based on what you have, and how much


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the stand up guys junk removal crew

The Stand Up Guys Crew

3. Community – The community of Marietta, and other parts of Metro Atlanta have been a big part of The Stand Up Guys since our very beginning. This is where everything started for the us and we don’t plan on forgetting that any time soon. Our roots run deep here.

We have set out to make a difference and help people with the work that we do. So instead of just helping people with getting rid of junk and trash, we have found a way to turn that same item that is ‘junk’ to one person and make it useful to another. We do that by donating a very large portion of the items that we remove to many different non profit organizations around Metro Atlanta.

Another way that we help out with the community, is helping with the environment. Many other companies in this field will donate ‘some’, but everything else just gets tossed into the landfill. Well not here at Stand Up Guys. Instead we run everything through our filter and whatever can’t be donated gets recycled. This helps the environment and keeps the landfills from getting overfilled with unnecessary things.

The Stand Up Guys In The Community….

  • Donate large sums of the items that we remove
  • Recycle more than half of everything we take
  • Are always giving back to our community, and your community


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casey walsh, owner of stand up guys junk removal in from of a dump truck

We Care

4. Care – The one thing that we have done here at Stand Up Guys Junk Removal since we first began, was care. We care greatly about our customers, we care greatly about our community, we care about the environment, and we also care about our company and our employees.

We not only want to make our business a pleasure for our customers to hire, but also a huge pleasure to work for. We are a growing company of young entrepreneurs that care about our customers and community. We have set out to make a difference in the community and we don’t plan on stopping any time soon. 

We even care about junk. We care enough not to just toss everything in the landfill, but instead make sure that every piece of junk we remove finds the correct home in the end.

The Stand Up Guys…..

  • Care about our customers, their families, their business, and their homes
  • Care about our community
  • Care about making sure our customers and clients are happy at all time

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