Im Gibby! The newest and most efficient member of the Stand Up Guy family. I graduated from the University of Alabama in May 2010, but my heart will always be with Georgia Tech. Football is what I like to express the most and my favorite sport to state my opinion. So now I have to get this off my chest about Brett Favre. Talk about someone who is gradually becoming more and more hated in the last 3 seasons. Excluding is text messages to that woman. He’s pissing me off mainly because he’s my QB on my fantasy team and has yet to score more points than my kicker. And he has started 291 consecutive games and is still not ruled out of this weeks game with a “glorified ankle sprain.” Wouldnt u wanna start Tavaris Jackson since Favre has thrown 10 picks with his 7 td’s and has lost 4 fumbles.But its whatever and Favre needs to give it up cause hes gone down the drain. And…

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