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Keithsburg is a small community inside of Cherokee County, and in the northern part of Canton, with the luxury of having the Stand Up Guys Junk Removal Crew at their disposal. Keithsburg was named after one of the wealthiest, and well know families, the Keith’s, from when it was first founded in the mid-nineteenth century. The Keith family also owned the largest, and now oldest plantation in all of Cherokee County.

The Keith family was actually killed by the Union Army soldiers during the Civil War. The soldiers killed them because the family hid their food high in the trees to try to survive. Once the soldiers found it though, they were so mad that they hung them from the trees.

Miraculously the father of the Keith family was spared because the knot in the rope he was hung from got caught in the trees. The city rebuilt the Keiths house in 1850 in remembrance, but the house was never preserved and now is basically just covered in kudzu, and has been long forgotten.

Keithsburg is a small town, but the people there are just as nice as can be, and that has never gone unnoticed by our crew here at Stand Up Guys Junk Removal. We have worked in the small community a few times over the years, and the short time that we spent out their wasn’t soon forgotten.

It’s a beautiful little town, and we really enjoy working their, and working for the people their. So if you live in Keithsburg, or anywhere else in Canton, give the Stand Up Guys Junk Removal Crew a call if you are in need of any junk removal services, or clean outs. You wont find a better price, or better customer service on getting rid of your junk, than The Stand Up Guys.

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