I love the NFL, everything about it, from the hard hitting, to the X’s and O’s, and even the cry baby super stars. I just do not understand that with all the million and billions of dollars there are to be made in the NFL that the players and owners can not come to an agreement. I wont began to sit here and act like I fully understand all of what the labor agreements entail, but I do know that there are a lot of people that love to watch the game and that count on it every year, and its those people (like yours truely) that are really going to suffer.

From the outside looking in it just seems like the already, WAY OVER PAID players are the ones that are doing all the complaining. If they would just sit back and realize how well off and lucky they really are then maybe this thing would get settled. There is no way that they deserve more money for playing a game. They should all be happy with getting paid anything at all, our country is in the middle of one of the worst recessions ever and these NFL superstars are whining and complaining about not getting enough money to throw a football around a field. It’s not enough for these freaking pre madonnas that the whole world loves them, watches them every sunday and that they get paid million upon millions of dollars, no no they want MORE. Give me a break, no Tom Brady im not going to feel sorry for you, your supermodel wife, your million dollar house or inflated paycheck so quit your whining.

I hate to say it but if anything, these already filthy rich owners probably deserve more money. Its because of them that we get the amazing coverage, and this amazing game every week. The players themselves in the grand scheme of things are a dime a dozen, anyone can find athletes to play this game, but not just anyone can produce such an amazing spectacle as the NFL like the owners do.

So please, bring on the replacement players, because I would love it. It would still be football, the game we all love, and maybe it would be with some players that appreciate the opportunity to play even more then the cry babies that play it now. Bring on the Eric Couches and the Joe Schmoes that were never able to quite make it in todays NFL, and watch how hard they play and how much they love the game and not the money. I would love to watch Peyton Manning have to go a year without getting overpaid for a playing a game, maybe then he would really learn to appreciate what he has had this whole time.

Now don’t get me wrong, I think these players, that do bring in tons and tons of revenue, deserve to get paid. But for them to actually complain or go on strike for not getting enough is ridiculous, and a slap in the face to all us fans. For them to not realize and appreciate what they have been blessed with, and what we give them in love as fans is absurd. Let Ray Lewis go get a 9 to 5 job for a while like the rest of us Americans and then well see how he feels about the labor agreement.


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