We all have junk and unwanted items collecting in our homes. From our attics to our basements, our garages to our off-site storage units, our storage sheds to our spare bedrooms; junk can collect everywhere. The pile of stuff you promised your wife you would take to the dump soon. The broken refrigerator you were going to fix years ago. The extra dresser you were going to fix up for your daughter to take to college. No matter what type of junk it is or why, we all have it laying around, collecting dust.

When it comes time to finally get rid of it all, you will most likely find that your regular trash pick-up service is limited as to what they will take. Legal and environmental restrictions limit your home trash service with what they are allowed to take away and dispose of. Trash companies also impose their own restrictions, and many companies require you to schedule a special pick up date, sometimes limiting that service to once a month. In most residential areas, your garbage removal services will not take the following items:

• Appliances, including microwaves, refrigerators, toaster ovens, washing machines, dryers, and dishwashers

• Electronics, including computers, stereo equipment, television sets, speakers, and video game consoles

• Construction debris, including wood scraps, pieces of metal, toilets, cabinets, and glass

• Exercise equipment, such as barbells, treadmills, and ellipticals

• Hot tubs and related chemicals and equipment

Junk Removal Services

With the Stand Up Guys junk removal services, we haul it all! You can trust the Stand Up Guys to remove whatever junk you have in your home or commercial property, and to properly dispose of it.

After receiving your junk and unwanted items, we will carefully sort through set aside items for recycling, reusing and donation.

When you call the Stand Up Guys to remove your junk, you can rest assured that we will take anything and everything. You don’t need to worry about sorting it out yourself, or scheduling several different pick-ups with several different companies. We are truly your one-stop junk removal company in Atlanta!

Junk Removal in Atlanta, GA

When you are ready to have your junk removed, worry free, give us a call or visit our website to schedule a free quote. We’ll be out to your home or your office in no-time, and will have all of that pesky junk out of your sight as quickly as you can say Stand Up Guys.

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