“Someone please help me get this JUNK out of my apartment!”

That was the question that Katherine asked us over the phone last week. She called into our Stand Up Guys Junk Removal Headquarters with a that very statement. Katherine was trying to get rid of all the junk out of her apartment in Midtown because she was moving up to the ‘burbs into a house.

Katherine explained to us that she never realized she had so much junk in her apartment until she started the process of moving. There was a pile of junk left over in every room after the moving guys got everything out. She had no idea what she was going to do with it.

pile of junk in an apartment

Apartment Junk

Katherine called some friends and asked if they had any ideas for her, but didn’t get anything from them. Then she asked the foreman for the Moving Company if he knew of anything she could do with all the junk. He had the perfect answer for her, The Stand Up Guys! Katherine was ecstatic, she didn’t even know a company like this existed.

Johnathon, the Foreman for the Moving Company has been asked this question hundreds and hundreds of times. Luckily he knows the right answer. Johnathon’s Moving Company and the Stand Up Guys have been working together for almost 5 whole years now, so we have built up a strong rapport with each other. This way he can feel confident in recommending us to his clients.

The last thing a business owner wants is to is recommend someone to one of his clients and that recommendation falls through. As business owners, our word and reputations are everything. We hold them dear to our hearts.

The Call-In

Well when Katherine called in to the office she got Carson. She explained to him that she had leftover moving junk that she needed to get rid of. Carson assured Katherine that she was calling the right guys for the job and that we could take care of everything for her.

Carson told Katherine that we could be out there the very next morning to offer her a free estimate on all the removal and she was down for that. Katherine said the sooner the better, so we knew that this was an important job to get done.

Carson dispatched Clark and Christiaan the very next morning, the crew headed right for Midtown to check out Katherine’s junk situation.

When they arrived at the apartment Clark walked up to the door to introduce himself to Katherine and take a look at everything for her. First she walked Clark from room to room showing him everything. Clark took a mental photo of every pile and once she should him everything he was able to offer her a quote.

Katherine loved the quote and told the guys that she was ready to have it done whenever they were. Clark told Katherine, to her surprise, that they were ready to roll right then and there.

The Removal Process

apartment junk

More Junk

There were about three flights of stairs and a lot of junk. So Clark and Christiaan had to think strategically about this one. You have to work smarter not harder when you are dealing with junk removal jobs.

The two Stand Up Guys decided that they were going to focus first on getting all the junk from inside the individual rooms of the apartment and place it outside the front door. This way they could have it all in one pile and make the trip up and down the 3 flights of stairs a tad bit easier.

Once they had all the junk out in front of the front door in the main hallway of the apartment they started to lug all the junk down to the truck. They quickly found out that it was much more effective to only have one guy walk from the pile half way down the stairs with the junk. Then have the other guy take the junk from that location and walk it to the truck. This way you didn’t have to walk up and down 3 flights of stairs over and over, now it was more like 1 1/12 flights of stairs.

This method that the two gentleman used to get the junk down to the truck proved to be Stand Up Guys worthy, because before they knew it they were done. They had all the junk from Katherine’s Apartment loaded into the truck.

Clark went up to give Katherine the good news. She was happy as could be and told the guys that she couldn’t wait til she could have the opportunity to recommend us to her friends and family.

Yet another satisfied customer of the Stand Up Guys.

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