Hot Tub Removal With The Stand Up Guys – Alpharetta

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Hot Tub

Today we had ourselves quite the task at hand. The crew here at Stand Up Guys manage hot tub removal on a weekly basis, so its not a big deal at all for us to remove a hot tub, but this one was different.

This particular customer, located in Alpharetta, was sick of looking at her old hot tub wasting away in the back yard. It had been broken, and just collecting dust over the last five years or so. The tricky part though, was that it was built directly into the backyard porch. The customer did not want to get rid of the porch, or even let it be harmed for that matter. So our task was to some how pull the hot tub out of the porch with out breaking any wood, or removing any of the porches running boards.

First we crawled under the porch, and cut off any motors, hoses, or lines that were running from, or to the hot tub (after we cut the power of course). This way we could rotate the hot tub if necessary, without anything bogging it down. Next we took sawzaw’s and gutted the inside of the tub, by cutting it into six different sections. This way we could take it out one manageable piece at a time, we had to leave the ring around the top of the tub though, and leave that for last.

Now that we had all the hoses and wires removed, the entire tub cut up, and removed, all we had left was the ring that was originally around the top of the tub. The tricky part of this was that the ring was fastened to the porch floor. For the life of me, I couldn’t figure out why someone would do that, or what the point was, but either way, it had to go. So the crew put their heads together and came up with a solution. We did our research and found out what the ring was fastened with, and hunted down the perfect adhesive remover. We let it sit for twenty minutes and with crowbars, had the ring up in no time.

So after it was all said and done, the Stand Up Guys Junk Removal Crew left another customer as happy as possible. We removed the entire hot tub, and on top of that we did just as she wished, and didn’t hurt the porch at all. Now she has a perfect spot for another, working hot tub, or maybe even a cool little fire pit. Either way, we did our job, and now its on to the next one.

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