The Vicki Situation:

Stand Up Guys Junk Removal Truck in Driveway

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Bright and early one beautiful Wednesday morning, Vicki called with one of her rental homes left in a complete mess in Vinnings. Frazzled by her situation and time constraints, she asked the Stand Up Guys to help her get rid of all the junk in the entire house.

Vicki has used other junk removal companies in the past, but sadly was never satisfied with the business. Faster than you can say supercalifragiliciousexpealadocious, the blue crew showed up to give her an estimate and came ready to help her with her clutter. Excited about the price and on time service, she was quick to say yes and in no time, our uniformed professionals got to work!

What had basically happened was one of her tenants left in the middle of the night because they were unable to continue to pay the rent and left everything they could not pack in their car. From sofa’s to clothes, the clutter covered all three stories in the home. Unsure if the job could even be completed, Vicki made the right call to the Stand Up Guys.

The Junk Process:

A huge pile of junk in this Roswell home

Grandmas Junk

That same day, Clark and his clever sidekick Christiaan were knee-deep in household junk. The first priority was to separate all the donation pieces from the junk. They had bookshelf’s, dressers and a coffee table that were still in great condition. The separation process is important to us and the customers.

We can load up the donations at the end and keep the items in mint condition so we can drop off those items first after the job is completed. After they arranged everything outside the truck, the junk removal fun starts! While Christiaan started bagging all the clothes, garbage and small misc. clutter, Clark switched to “beast-mode” and was quick to handle the larger items on his dolly and stack everything in the back of the truck.

Delegating certain jobs that each professional can do by themselves in the most efficient way to get the job done faster and on time. Once all independent junk was lifted in the truck, Clark and Christiaan started on the bigger items together. The sofa, loveseat, washer/dryer, fridge, and mattresses were placed in the truck next.

Next, Clark and Christiaan got the shovel, broom and trashcan to sweep up all the small pieces so the property looked brand new. Once all the junk items were pushed to the back of the truck, the donations were placed nicely and securely at the end so the furniture could be loaded off still in great condition.

After packing up all the tools and misc debris, Clark performed one more walk thru to make sure everything was up to par for Vicki and her Vinnings home. Everything was, and Vicki was in tears of joy by the outstanding job performed. The receipt was signed and there was nothing left but a smile on Vicki’s face. The Stand Up Guys Junk Removal Crew did it again!

Donation Process:

After leaving Vinnings, the first stop for C&C was Goodwill. They backed right up to the loading station and they were able to unload the pieces of furniture safely and easily. Our friendly neighbors at Goodwill greet us by name and have a grin on their face.

Another one bites the dust, as the Stand Up Guys sweep through Vinnings and take care of another customer in need. Our friendly service, great attitude and efficient work ethic make your experience pleasant and stress free. Call us anytime for your free quote today!

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