More Household Junk For The Stand Up Guys

man standing in front of a pile of junk

Carson Gettin’ Ready

The Stand Up Guys Junk Removal Crew handle all types of junk removal in Atlanta, including household junk, old furniture, appliances and even yard debris. Today we came across this pile of household junk, this particular customer of ours was downsizing into a smaller home.

We all know that when you downsize, all of your old stuff will need to go because no matter how bad you want it to, it just wont fit. Even though it doesn’t seem to make any sense what so ever, “I mean how can we accumulate so much junk without even trying?”. Don’t worry we all do it.

Sometimes you just have to let bygones be bygones to get rid of the stuff you don’t need even though you want to hold on to it. Most of us don’t like throwing items away, mainly because we went out and got those things for a reason, we wanted them, but when you are downsizing, you are really cut at the knees. You have no choice, some things just HAVE to go.

man sweeping driveway

Pepper Sweepin’ Up

The customer and her family did most of the hard work before we even got there (which is always nice). They went through every item they had, and filtered out what they wouldn’t truly need to bring to their new home. They even dragged all the junk down and placed it in the driveway. So by the time they finished you can understand that they were in a hurry to get rid of it, nobody wants a pile of junk sitting in their driveway for very long.

First its an eye sore, and second they don’t want to start changing their mind, and dragging some of it back into the house. We were able to get out there within 24 hours of when she called us, and of course when we got there we got straight to work. The Stand Up Guys Junk Removal Crew never sit and wait around, we always get straight to it, the faster we work the sooner all that junk is out of your sight, and out of your life.

We were able to donate a few select items from this pile, which is always nice. We were also able to recycle a few things too, so it was a double whammy. We made a special trip to donate the things we could first, that way the customer wouldn’t be charged in full for things that we didn’t have to take to the landfill.

We aren’t always able to do this, this was more of a special trip, but one thing that we do always do, is look out for the customer. We try and do all we can to make sure our customer are happy, so that when we leave, we don’t only take away the junk, but we leave a great, lasting impression on them. Customer service is number one on importance here at Stand Up Guys. So we left another customer satisfied, and rolled out to the next job.

driveway full of junk


clean driveway

All Clean

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