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The Question

The question is simple, “how in the world do I get rid of this old junk couch??” So many people ask this of themselves, but only a few know the correct way to have this question answered. There are a few ways to get rid of your old junk couch, but these ways aren’t always the best ways.

First lets look at the facts.

  1. The couch is basically “junk” so you can’t donate it.
  2. You don’t have a truck big enough to haul it.
  3. You can’t carry the old junk couch out of your house alone.
  4. You lead a busy life and don’t have time to deal with a couch.
  5. Your life would just be better if this problem went away.

Your Options

how do i get rid of my old junk couch?

Junk Couch Removal

Now that we have all the facts, let’s look at all your possible options for getting rid of your old junk couch.

One option would be that you could rent a truck and haul it off to the dump yourself. Let’s be honest though, do you really want to go through all the trouble of renting a truck, finding someone to help you move the couch, and then when it’s all said and done, drive to the dump? I will answer that for you. NO, you do not want to go through all that for just a couch, it’s really not worth the trouble.

Another option would be for  you to rent a dumpster, or possibly even a bagster. Is that really the route you want to take though? I wouldn’t think so. First off you have to pay for the container, and not what you getting rid of, and just a tiny couch will only take up half of a dumpster. Then the rest is just dead space that you had to pay for, but in the end never used.

The True Answer – The Stand Up Guys Junk Removal Crew

Now that we have gone over a few of your options, let me give you some solid advice that will help you tremendously in the years to come. If you are looking to get rid of an old couch, or any household junk for that matter, the one company you need to call is Stand Up Guys Junk Removal.

The Stand Up Guys Junk Removal Crew will make you entire junk couch removal a breeze. All you need to do is call up, or even book online, and have the crew come out at a time that fits your schedule, and then your job is done.

The Stand Up Guys will come out to your home, remove the couch from wherever it is and make your life a whole lot easier. We don’t charge you for a container, and we don’t make you do any of the work. We basically ONLY charge you for the couch, and we take care of all the labor.

Yes, this is the answer you were looking for, and you are welcome, because this will save you a lot of heartache and hassle in the future. If you need to get rid an old junk couch, or any household junk, The Stand Up Guys Junk Removal Crew is perfect for you.  

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