How It Works – Sorting Through Your Junk

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During each job we do here at Stand Up Guys Junk Removal, we sort and filter through everything we put in the truck. We stack all the junk we remove into three separate piles in the truck, this way we can tell what is what.

One pile is for what we think has a potential to be donated. The second pile is for certain items that we feel we could scrap, or recycle, like metal, aluminum, copper and more. The third pile is everything left over, basically junk.

There are a few reasons we filter through everything, one is to avoid throwing unnecessary things into the landfill. Saving landfill space helps protect the environment, and that is a big concern with us. Another reason we filter through all the “junk” is so that we can find anything in there that could be of use to someone else, or what we call “donatables.”

It would be real easy to miss tons of good quality items if we did just a broad overlook of everything we threw away, so that is why we filter through it. We don’t want anything to go to waste. Another reason we filter through it all is because of our awesome customer service, so that we can find any possible way to save you money. If there are items in there that we a certain can be donated, then it can greatly affect the overall price.

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