Selling a house as it is, without cleaning it up rarely results in favorable offers. Potential buyers will use all of the flaws they see to negotiate a lower price. Homeowners need to fix these flaws and create a pleasing look to sell at a higher price. These enhancements don’t have to cost a fortune. Decluttering can make a big difference, even with a small budget. It’s all about removing the unnecessary items to set the stage for a clean, spacious and beautiful home. These items can be stored, donated or thrown away with the help of junk removal services in Marietta, GA.

The Kitchen

Start with the kitchen, since it is often the first thing buyers want to see. The cleaning products and tools should all be placed under the sink. Remove clutter from the counters including décor and small appliances. Anything that is rarely used should be packed and stored, like cooking items and foodstuff. Don’t let buyers find pest deterrents or pet bowls inside the kitchen.

The Living Room

Tidy up and organize the shelves. Take most of the reading materials and leave only a few of the better ones. Clear the mantels by removing personal photographs, memorabilia and personal artwork. With accent pillows, hold on to a few and hide the rest. Keep remote controls and children’s toys out of sight. Have non-essential furniture hauled away to make the room feel more spacious. Clean surface tops and limit décor placement.

The Bedrooms

Bedrooms hold most of our personal items. When staging then for homebuyers, be sure to keep most of these tucked away in a safe place. They might want to see the closets, so impress them with how clean and spacious they are. Take out most off-season clothes and linens for off-site storage. Organize the rest into logical categories. Clear the tabletops. Don’t let any accessories lay dangling anywhere. Use light-colored curtains and linens to provide an illusion of a wider space.

The Bathrooms

Clean bathrooms thoroughly since these tiny spaces cannot afford to be cluttered. Leave only essential toiletries, cleaning items, and a set of linens. Pack up the rest, especially prescription drugs, which should be moved to a private area. Clear all surfaces.

Decluttering an entire house is a massive undertaking. If you need help with this task, please don’t hesitate to contact Stand Up Guys. We offer junk hauling in Marietta so that residents like you can enjoy a cleaner and more spacious home without lifting a finger.

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