Junk & Clutter In The Garage

Basement full of left over moving junk

Moving Junk

For a majority of you out there your garage is already a “storage” space in your house to begin with. So when it gets too full to even pull your car in your garage, it can cause stress at home.

Random belongings get thrown into the garage and the available space decreases by the minute. Before you know it, that once wonderfully clean and spacious garage turns into a landfill/storage unit for what seems like everything you own.

As time passes, old boxes and bags become old and fragile making it a nice access for rats and other critters to take home to. Before you know it, not only do you have a garage full of junk, but a pest problem as well.

Do not procrastinate with letting your garage fill with clutter. Take action now and avoid the hassle and stress. Just call The Stand Up Guys at 770-369-0305 and let us take care of all your junk removal needs.

Three easy steps can be taken to rid all your garage junk

  1. Have a space designated to the items you will be disposing of. This way it’s easier to tell from the two and it will help save time later.
  2. Gather all belongings you are wanting to keep and separate it from all the junk in the garage. This way there is no confusion with what should be kept and discarded. This will speed up the removal process.
  3. Call The Stand Up Guys and let our clean cut, courteous and professional crew come haul away all your unnecessary clutter in no time.

Clean outs are a good thing. Getting rid of all the unnecessary junk makes you feel better and gives you that cleanliness feeling. Some people like to get rid of old junk right when it pops up, others let all the clutter gather and then get rid of it all at one time. Either way, The Stand Up Guys will help you complete your clean up.

The Stand Up Guys Junk Removal Crew

The best part about hiring the Stand Up Guys to take care of your garage junk clean out is the fact that we will do all the work. All you need to do is pick up the phone and call, point out to us what goes and what stays. After that you can plop a seat and watch as your junk disappears.

Another great part about hiring the Stand Up Guys for your junk garage clean outs is the fact that we will do all we can to donate everything possible that you are getting rid of from your garage. Just because it’s junk to you doesn’t mean it wont be junk to someone else. We do whatever is possible to find a good home for your old belongings once they leave you.

Along with all that greatness with the Stand Up Guys is the fact that we do it all for a great price as well. You can’t beat our service and you can’t beat our price. It doesn’t get any better than the Stand Up Guys.

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